What’s in the Bag? w Top Ranked ‘D1’ US Junior Am Semi Finalist Cameron Sisk – August 8th 2018

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T O M says:

No rangefinder?

Hipolito Baltierrez says:

@4:40 – The rusty-like deal that covers the chrome wedges is a film not a finish. Chrome itself creates that in order to prevent rust. You see that wherever they use chrome piping, like in chemical and especially power plants. There's different kinds of chrome depending on the quantity they add when it's fabricated. There's for example Chrome 5, Chrome 9, Chrome 11 among the most used. So don't try buffing them wedges since you'll be taking away their protection. Cheers!

David Williams says:

great content. love the channel

a2fitness says:

what a swing that kid has!

Leo Wright says:

Just a question how do top junior golfers afford travelling around the us and the world it must cost a fortune

Brandon Marks says:

Where can I find a towel like that ?

ky j says:

He’s a really cool guy, I got to talk to him a lot at the Sahalee Players. I’ll be keeping up with his journey through college and then hopefully on tour!

matthew salazar says:

Do a course vlog with him!!!

nathaniel c says:

This kid will go pro. well blair will still be grinding the mini tours hahaha

G&G TV Golf and gaming says:

My friends going to the us am

Álvaro Ybáñez says:

Did he just assume golf genders? ?

ShakotanFC says:

Is his predominant shot shape a draw?

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

Great interview/witb B! All the best at the US Am and at ASU Cameron!

danthemanwhocancan says:

Definitely could game that set! Great bag!!

Hack To Scratch Golf says:

So is he not with taylormade anymore?

G&G TV Golf and gaming says:

I love what’s in the bags

Nic L says:

Great vid. More course vlogs please! Thoroughly enjoyed the series with Gabe.

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