Adams Golf – Speedline Testimonial – Jamie Sadlowski 2-Time RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion

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The new Speedline FAST 10 Driver was developed with our patent pending, aerodynamic shaping and uses the most advanced science available to golf club designers today, including FEA simulation, CFD analysis and actual wind tunnel testing.


TheGolfer231 says:

What did they give him acid before the shoot, frying his brain

TRIBALWisdom182 says:

Notice how on the slow -mo u cant even track the club comin thru the zone..epic club luff to see him swing a baseball bat..dude has a consistent 100mph slapshot in hockey too..lets be real..Sadlowski is a specimen that needs to be forzen like Ted Williams one day..

xtrememachead says:

First view.. thats a first for me

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