This mere mortal ranks the BEST DRIVER 2021. We have a look at all the 2021 new releases including (in alphabetical order) the Callaway Epic Speed, Cobra Radspeed, Mizuno STZ, PING G425, Taylormade SIM2 and Titleist TSi2 & 3. We also throw in the Srixon ZX5 from 2020. Find out what a 5.2 handicapper with average swing speeds ranks as best driver of the year.

Intro: 0:00
1:12 Criteria for Rankings
2:16 Drivers We Ranked
2:40 Testing Conditions
5:10 Best Looks, Feel & Sound
8:38 Best Performing Driver (STATS)
16:36 Best Driver for Accuracy
18:49 Most Forgiving Driver
20:43 Best Value Driver
24:13 Overall Driver Rankings


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Cobra Radspeed: (Amazon)
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➜ Watch our in depth reviews of each of these drivers:

Callaway EPIC Speed:
Cobra Radspeed:
Mizuno STZ:
PING G425:
Taylormade SIM 2:
Titleist TSi2 and TSi3:

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  1. I am confused about how the swing speed impacted the stats of the Sim2. Was there something about the shaft that enabled a faster swing speed? If not, he was swinging that club about 5 mph faster than all of the other ones, so naturally it went the farthest and inflates the stats of the Sim2. Some clarity about what happened here would be helpful.

  2. Epic speed was the one that had best feel.
    Balance, and sound.
    It was by far the one I hit most accurate.
    Its like my slice, is slicing as usual, but when it reaches its apex height, it quits curving, and falls straight. At first, I thought it was just my eyes, but it keeps happening. Looking like ob, then trys to fade back.

  3. im thinking of getting a g425 max 12.5 regular flex, im using a 9.5 wilson deep red stiff rn and the stiff isnt working for me lol especially cuz im only 5’5 133lbs i tried my friends 12.5 regular flex stealth and the shaft was perfect i was bombing it 270 instead of 250-260

  4. so why do you show the Rad speed XB in your post , but in distance you show the Rad Speed , just wondering if you know what driver you actually hit or you thought you hit . ? Rad speed is flat black with 2 weights , you showed in your hand the gloss black with 1 weight . Might want to get your info proper . 🙂 I guess swinging at a average speed is out the window , should of just swung harder with the other drivers , LOL

  5. Thanks man that confirms it for me got a club fitting 15th this month my swing speed 96 mph 5ft 6 play off 7 handicap 3months ago was 4.8 but had clubs stolen so played with 2nd hand set er no hence club fitting so hopefully be back down to 4.8 or better keep up the good work ?

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