Will Lodge (10 yr old – Long Version) – 2014 US Kids Golf World Championship

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Junior golfer Will Lodge playing in the 2014 US Kids Golf World Championship in Pinehurst, NC from July 31 – August 2, 2014. Will played in the 10 year old division at Little River Golf & Resort in Pinehurst, NC. He shot 73, 71, 73 over the 54-hole three day tournament and placed 12th out of an international field of 152. The course played to 5,150 yards, where hole yardages ranged from 101-128 for par 3s, 246-351 for par 4s, and 369-489 for par 5s. The event included more than 1,200 kids aged 6-12 from over 30 countries.

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Donna Dispenza says:

how long does he hit

masterskillz 10 says:

I have the same clubs as him

monsy says:

he is just fun in got I play like him and I'm 12 he a great keep it u

S.U. Animates says:

Man you are so good. I am older and I think I really suck at 18 holes. My first 18, I shot 48 over par.

Ewen Lindsay says:

That is not a nice range

Liam O'Neill says:

Jesus he is good im 12 and can only drive 155

Sara Singer says:

Nice job will, I wish I could be like you.

Sam Parker says:

He played amazing second day!

Sam Parker says:

Can someone explain to me why he tees off on some fairways

Benjamin León says:

yo le pongo 72 o 73

Jim Marrion says:

Every year my son and I enjoy watching the videos in preparation for the upcoming Worlds. I have always wondered, what kind of camera do you use to film? Thanks.

Brittany Burnett says:

what company do you guys use to make these great videos at worlds?

Tony Vannello says:

Vhes a very good putter must be why he saves strokes and of course for me the worst part of my game is putting and thats the most inportant

Boothy BHOY 13 says:

Better attitude young lad !

Golf and More Sports says:

Wow. Great golf for his age. How far can he hit his driver +Andrew lodge

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