In order to have a consistent golf swing you need work on balance. This means that you need to swing in control so you can repeat your swing as opposed to swinging so hard you start falling all over the place.

Here is a great drill you can be doing at home, at the range and even when you play so you can work on balance and build a consistent golf swing.

As you do this drill start off slowly. It's takes time to build up your balance so you can swing full speed while in total control. A consistent golf swing means you are doing the same swing with all clubs on every shot. So start off at a pace you can do that making it your first goal. Then start adding a little more speed still maintaining balance. If you fall over then slow back down again.

So many people want a consistent golf swing yet few ever work on it. For the sake of working this drill you can finally swing in perfect balance with all clubs giving your that consistent golf swing you have been dreaming about.

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  1. This is so critical I had so many lessons and great lessons that were really helpful and touched on balance very briefly early doors but later down the line I forgot about just how important balance is. I’d argue this is the top three if not top of the list for consistent strikes

  2. Another great tip Paul – which I will be using asap. I was at the range yesterday practicing based on your system and my lead food was falling over on my heel. I realized from a recording I took that this might be causing me to hit the toe and losing a lot of distance. Will work on slowing down and keeping balance for better overall ball striking.

  3. One of my fav instructors. Your loose wrists idea changed me game in a huge way. That was like the last big thing I was doing wrong. Hitting far and straight and onistant now. No more chicken wing. Thanks.

  4. Paul I really appreciate your videos. Very well done and relatable. I'm just starting out with this method. I'm 57 and have been golfing most my life. I have grown frustrated with my inconsistencies in my swing and would like to know what are the 3-5 best videos to start with. I am definitely one who hits with my arms and would like to get on the right path to hit with my body. Thanks for your time and help.

  5. how can i maintain balance if my left ankle has been broken six times and i have cerebral palsy on my left side and i cant put 80% on my left side during the follow through?

  6. Hi Paul, some pro's seem to have the club shaft more steep at the top of the back swing, some have it more flat.
    What 's youre opinion about that?
    Also… the grip(i have i-lock)is shown as really between fingers(sort of paralel) and hand or a litlle more diaganol from half finger to line between hand and smallest finger. How about that?
    Thx for answering, you're the only so far.
    Grtz Bas

  7. Hey Paul, thanks for the video. I have watched several and this one and the one that slowed the swing down made a big difference in how I contact the ball. Once I get consistent with the slower speed then I'll speed up my turn for higher club head speed. Thanks again.

  8. Paul, I have a question for you. At the top of my backswing, the club moves away from my left palm. Should the club always stay tight to my left palm? When I hinge at the top of the backswing, it is disconnected from my palm. Thank you.

  9. Hey Paul, I just wanted to let you know with all you easy drills and pounding it into our heads stop hitting with your arms swing you teach has payed off. It took me 2 months and i finally broke 80. I'm Normally in the 100s . Just wanted to give a big shout out to you and all the hard work you put into your channel. My golfing buddies thought i went and got lessons hahah. Keep up the hard work and god bless.

  10. Also sumtimes struggle to pause at the finish of swing. This is a good drill to think more about performing a golf swing rather than hitting a ball. Cheers Paul ?

  11. Just wanted to ask something. I have seen a video suggesting that the bottom/support hand suppose to push out the club in the follow-through at impact and after in order to keep the lead arm straight. I think this feel could help me out with the chicken wing because it's a something I can definitely focus on. It's easier to focus only on one hand at the time. Thanks!

  12. Paul, nice tip again. I have one question not related to this topic. For setup, you mentioned about taller posture. I tried it for my full swing and it works perfectly for me. My question is — do I need to do taller setup for my pitching too? Thanks

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