TaylorMade SLDR S Ping G30 Driver

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TaylorMade SLDR S Ping G30 Driver, Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks and reviews TaylorMade SLDR driver up against Ping G30 driver. See which club could help your golf golf game and why. With the help of GC2 HMT mark hits both golf clubs and shows you real ball data with the two golf clubs. Play your best golf and have fun doing so with Mark’s easy to follow golf videos.


Mark Vaughan says:

Mark, great review, I just added the G30 9 degree with the tour 65 shaft
and could not be happier. Great ball flight, great forgiveness, and looks
great behind the ball. Thanks for your reviews, I check them everytime
before I begin researching a new piece of equipment.

Andy Yeomans says:

Many of us thinking of changing drivers are probably looking at changing
clubs from those that are 3-4 years old. Is it possible to do a match up
between, say, a TM Burner Superfast 2.0 (the club I play!) or a Ping G20.
It would really be useful to see if recent technology really is worth
spending money on. Thanks.

PaveLowExpert says:

Yeah, I’ve seen people with inconsistent swings try a driver and like it.
Then when they try another driver they hit a shocker and say “pfff, this
club sucks”

Stuart Macphee says:

Hi mark, just looking at the flight data, the G30 seems to be a more
consistent flight. Is that a just a quirk of the numbers or do you see the
difference on SLDR when hitting it?

Hugh O'Brien says:

The drivers should be the same loft when tested together. The ping g30
would be better if the sldr was 9 degrees loft aswell 

TheLegitGamingProject says:

Is the r11 good still because I can get one for free should I take it

Ian Housham says:

Hi Mark, you summed it up at the start of your video. The TM twists easier
on none middle shots where Ping is more stable on miss hits. Therefore most
of us weekend golfers need all the help we can get. So surely forget loft
up and get the weight back. Have I understood the concept?

1badduc996 says:

Does anyone else remember the old king cobra drivers that had the 2
indentations on the top that supposedly decreased drag? I was a junior
golfer back then but placebo or not I felt like I could swing it faster
than my Bertha which stayed in my bag because of the solid feel to it. 

Tim Fleury says:

mark, im from michigan, USA. love ur videos find myself always checking to
see what ur test next or watch the playing videos. thanks alot. i play the
sldr 11degrees loft love it i average 270yards.

Daniel Blixt says:

Just bought the G30 FW3 and H19 today. Really really liked them both! Also
played a round and came home with 42 points! 🙂
I love the black head and the white grooves! I also like the look of the
blue shaft (I guess I don’t have to specify flex after the lates few
Don’t really know what to think about the turbulators from a performance
point of view, but they look fine to me.

I’m not really in the market for a driver at the moment but my oh my, I
would really look at the G30 if I was!

Thanks a lot for the videos!

Simon Berry says:

Mark – So TM fit you at 11.5 in an SLDR, but then you change to the SLDR S
and come down 1.5 deg to instead of up 0.5 to a 12deg SLDR S because you
prefer the colour…. Isn’t the point of lofting up to fine tune it to a
loft for best performance. Why did you change down not up in loft? Were the
numbers better? Distances? Ego? lol

Azerty Reza says:

I want the Ping G30 so bad !! Ain’t nothing better than a Ping driver if
you want to feel like smashing the ball hard with a massive powerful
metallic sound. The sensation is priceless.

John M says:

Hi mark, how do you generate that ball speed or club head speed, I seem to
be stuck around the 95-97mph and i would like to get more distance, any
assistance or advice will be appreciated.

amadan34 says:

you were averaging 250 max when recorded in scotland

John Clausen says:

The G30 feels like a cannon off the face, but it looks stupid down next to
the ball. It’s too big, the shape is kinda funny looking, and the
turbulators are a gimmick (and an ugly one at that). There’s no way they
can add any sort of significant club speed. 

dakota jones says:

Playing a Rapture V2 still at 44.5″ and love it, hit the G30 at the demo
day probably going to buy one and cut it to 44.5″. It’s weird how I can hit
it insanely straight and out of the center of the club at that length, but
as soon as I mess with a longer shaft I instantly have control issues.

carl marston says:

Another great video Mark. As someone returning to the game I have been
really interested in your review videos as I am looking at buying new (to
me) kit which has all changed a lot in the last 15 years or so. At least I
am not worried about shaft flex anymore

Would you recommend spending the big cash on a new driver with all the tech
or recommend waiting till my game settles down and i have a swing for
better or worse and using a second hand driver before buying a more
expensive club? 

Keef Richards says:

I have a Callaway X hot driver and my golf game is between 105-115. I am
wondering if the weight in the back of the G30 will really help in hitting
the ball with less twists and keeping the flight of the ball straighter.
Part of me says just take a couple of extra lessons. The other part of me
says with less flex than the X Hot, it should help a little. What is your
thoughts on this matter.

golfinguna says:

Hi Mark. Very honest, as usual……Which really tells us one thing. 90% of
it is totally irrelevant You hit two drivers with presumably the same shaft
type and they came out virtually the same. If a 10 H/C did the same with
two other drivers chances are it would be the same. And, this would
probably happen with all handicaps. Is gaining 10yds worth 200

tonlarj37 says:

Hi Mark, Enjoy your video’s. I was converted to the SLDR after undeniable
results about 2 months after it’s release. Been gaming 11* at 44.25 since
and absolutely love it! (6’1 but prefer shorter shaft) I went to compare my
SLDR to the G30 for myself on GC2 yesterday. (tested 9* tour stiff 65) I
concur… I had very similar stats as you in this video. Apparently, you
know what you’re talking about. 😉
In any case, I like the feel of G30 and I don’t mind the Turbulators at
all. Looks like Batman’s club. I just don’t prefer the larger looking head.
Would be nice if Ping offered a smaller head size in G30. Hoping to (course
demo) soon to see if that high MOI makes any real difference for me with
those couple of slight off strikes in a round. If not? Loving my SLDR!
Thanks again for the vids 

Rohan The Boat says:

Soooo….The G30 has the CG as far back as possible and the SLDR S has it
low and forward in the clubhead, equating to 200 rpm’s difference which
means ZERO distance gain by having the CG low and forward. I am
confused…and my head hurts a little. Great vid as always Mark. Keep them
coming. You are the best on here by far. I think that I can quickly fix
Blockey’s driver swing if he’s interested. Get him to msg me when he gets
off tinder. Cheers.

stellaskitchenbass says:

G’day Mark! Again these top of the wozza drivers all have similar numbers.
Can you compare one of them to a generic or unloved brand (eg. MD Golf? )
drivers which cost half as much. I ask this to help towards us determining
where our $$ should go as a proportion (focus) of our spend on our kit

James Whelan says:

Just got myself a g30, SLDR not forgiving for me, kept it less than 24 hrs,
bad shot is a slight pull, if I was too loft down would that open the face
slightly, my fitting number was bs of 2451 on 10.5 awesome club 🙂 first
round tomorrow with it aaahhhh

Katie Artz says:

Love your videos Mark. Would love to see you, #Lockeymagic, #Buzza, and
the rest of the gang on TV. Any thoughts on doing some course logs in the

Robert O'Connor says:

You say you like looking at loft…do you think the human eye can pick out
a 2 degree difference or is it a bit of cognitive bias?
What I glean from these videos is that for a pro it almost makes no
difference what modern driver you use, but it would be very interesting for
your viewers if you got a 15 handicapper to take 20 or 50 shots with each
one and see which driver performs best for those of us with non-zero face
to path numbers and off centre strikes.

Mark Betche says:

Alright Parfield, I went and bought an SLDR. I’m chompin at the bits to go
hit it. By this weekend, I will know whether or not to run you over with a
“Buggie” if I catch you on an American course(LOL). Love the match play
videos(rest are alright).

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