TaylorMade Driver Fitting with 13 Handicapper Rob Potter

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TaylorMade Driver Fitting with 13 Handicapper Rob Potter
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28 thoughts on “TaylorMade Driver Fitting with 13 Handicapper Rob Potter

  1. Just wanna say again a MASSIVE thanks to TaylorMade Europe and Liam for
    kitting me out and allowing me to be in their studio!
    A fantastic day and to all Amatures, custom fitting on a Driver, in fact
    ALL clubs is a must!
    I still want it in Black though lol
    Rick, thank you once again good buddy!

  2. Sorry Rick, but This Liam TM guy is pretty clueless.

    90+% amateurs should not play a driver longer than 44″. Rob neither as the
    looks of it.
    How come he didn’t try different Shafts with different weight.

    #1 and #2 In proper clubfitting is Shaft lenght and Shaft weight.
    He adressed the lenght a little but not enough. No weight testing at all.
    I love when Rob excellently pointed out, that he couldnt ‘feel’ the face.
    So TM guy reasons with Technology – my goodness!!

    What about weight and especially swing weight to make sure Rob gets the
    feel of the Club he wants?

    Also flex has not Much to do with clubheadspeed. It’s about how forcefull
    you swing is. Is it brutal and Quick or slow and smoooooooth. Not about

    This is NOT a fitting. This is a guy trying Two different clubs and
    selecting the less bad alternative.
    Calling this 15-20 session a fitting is a mockery to TRUE CLUB FITTERS.

    Give a Real clubfitter 4 hours with Rob and you’ll see atleast twice as
    Much distance gained. But more importantly – a Much, Much tighter
    dispersion = long balls In the fairway almost every time.

    No disrespect, but This really shows how little People know about fitting.
    Even the big brand’s guys don’t know Much.
    It’s sad really.


  3. How come his swing speed is so low? Only around 90mph? It looks like it is
    going quite fast, but he’s almost 30mph slower than PF but you can’t see
    that with the naked eye? This is also killing me, I’m a reasonably strong
    young guy and for some reason I see old guys swinging over 100mph and I’m
    stuck around 100!! How can I increase this, I would ideally love just over
    110 so I’m not looking for insane distance, but I would like my average
    drive to be around 270 with a good one looking at 300. Cheers Mr Rick!

  4. Anyone here ever backweight your clubs? Back in the day people claimed to
    get better feel and speed out of their clubs by putting lead tape under the
    grips. I’ve never tried this on a newer big head driver. It would be
    interested to see if that theory plays out on a trackman or if it’s just an
    old wives tale.

  5. Encountering a bit of turf interaction before you hit there, what are you
    on? What is wrong with, “hit the ground first?” Even better, ‘you hit the
    mat before you hit the ball.’

  6. Good to see the myth busted that high lofted drivers are needed for higher
    handicaps. Its purely down to angle of attack + necessary loft to hit good
    launch numbers. a lot of high handicaps hit down so a high loft suits. Not
    all like it is perpetuated in golf mags and online videos.

  7. Almost no golfer should be playing a driver over 45″. Unless you always
    want max distance and don’t care about direction at all, then by all means
    play a 46″+ club.

  8. Great stuff. Love seeing the ‘normal’ golfer videos, especially as
    Dobby always comes out with something that gives me a giggle. Would love to
    have the spare cash to get fitted for a new driver, I don’t think I get the
    best out of mine.

  9. Rob has mentioned in several prior videos that he had an accident which has
    slowed his swing speed down significantly. Lay off the guy. It takes stones
    to have thousands of people watch you hit shots with a camera in your face.

  10. Is it just me or does any one else thinks that the fly on the wall does
    interrupt the fitter quite a lot 🙂 Your input is great but I would of
    loved to hear the more concise story of Liam. But, Dobby really stole the
    show ;P 

  11. Crazy that TM try and sell clubs at 46inches long. That guy Rob should be
    using a driver closer to 44 inches to get centred strike. If he were to get
    that driver cut down to proper length the swing weight would be
    ridiculously light.

  12. There may of been more to this video off camera? But I am quite surprised
    how quick this fitting was done. Rob obviously must of been happy with the
    numbers and stats achieved with the Aero Burner, to go for it. As he
    clearly states he’s not keen on the look…’colour’…or lack of ‘feel’ off
    the club face. Very surprised that TM don’t have interchangeable heads and
    shafts on all models in their main fitting centre!? Also, why wasn’t SLDR
    or R15 even considered? The colour ways would certainly suit Rob’s eye
    better (R15 is available in black finish) and surely offer him better
    ‘feel’ off the club face? Lastly, for anyone thinking I’m just another TM
    hater…my last three driver & fairway combo’s have all been TM. Good luck
    with your new driver Rob, hope you rip it matey! Regards, Dazza. 

  13. Everyone needs to stop freaking out about this. No, it wasn’t a full blown
    fitting, and TM prob did this for free in exchange for the publicity on
    Rick and Pete’s channels, but who cares? 

  14. Very interesting fitting. Of course big thanks to TMPC Belfry for allowing
    rick to video tape Rob fitting. Rob Potter your commentary was great and
    refreshing. +Rick Shiels PGA I think you can reach a bigger audience by
    video taping more mid handicap players during a fitting session. Maybe a
    left handed player. Thanks

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