?CLUBFACE CONTROL in you DRIVER swing and IRON swing #shorts

Iron swing & Driver swing Clubface control in a matter of seconds.
Golf swing simplified!!!

Senior golfers, do you want more power in your golf swing? Check this out

#shorts #shortsvideo

22 thoughts on “?CLUBFACE CONTROL in you DRIVER swing and IRON swing #shorts

  1. Jack as well as hogan knew this. Look at John Daly’s grip. That thumb and index are touching each other but not the club. Also Bret Snedeker takes it back without the thumb and index

  2. Point your left middle toe 46 degrees due north, raise your right shoulder 3/8 of an inch higher than the left. Clench the upper part of your jaw in rhythm with the song Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. Now simply count back from 46 to negative 82 and at the first prime number start your back swing. In the middle of your swing your going to want to rotate your right ankle back to the original 13 degree angle it was at then follow through with a light scream in the key of A

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