? Golf Swing Trainer – Lag Shot vs Orange Whip [SHOCKING RESULTS!]

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i got two of the best training aids you can find the orange whip and the lag shot i'm gonna try it out and see which one's better before we get started make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any of my new videos and now let's take a look at these swing trainers what's going on guys it's michael pga tour superstore tester welcome back to

another that golf grind video today i got two of the best training aids you can find first we got the orange whip this is a staple you see these in people's bags all over the range a nice whippy shaft to kind of get you loose and then we got the lag shot here now this is really interesting because this one actually has a club face you can hit a ball and see

feedback with so i'm interested to give both a try and see if it helps my game i'm here at the pga tour superstore we're gonna take these into a hitting bay give them a couple swings maybe even hit a couple shots with the lag shot and see which one helps my game both these swing trainers are really wobbly this orange whip is extremely flimsy

even more so than the lag shot but what's different with this lag shot is that it has an iron face on it so you can actually go to the range and hit golf balls and kind of see where it flies whereas the orange whip is more of a warm-up tool and training aid you kind of just use before you go out or in between swings so first i'm going to give the orange whip a try

never actually used them before so i'm kind of interested to see i haven't hit any golf balls today so this will actually probably be a good warm-up so i'm just going to take a couple swings

all right something interesting right off the bat is that when i'm taking it back this thing is like almost hitting the ground behind me which is definitely something to get used to definitely a solid tool here i mean even just getting the back a little loose before the round

let me get my club and just hit a couple shots see if it helped loose me up at all just going to kind of see how it loosened me up if you're using it before around just kind of you know get that back loose you never just want to go cold into the range or on the course so just gonna hit a couple shots see how I feel

all right well first of all this feels really light now i'm gonna hit one more shot with my normal club go back to the orange whip then go immediately back to my club see how it feels

yeah this thing feels like a feather alright i'm taking a couple swings with the orange whip this thing just gives you free flowing action right here all right we're gonna go right into the nine iron see how it feels this thing again feels really light

yeah i mean that's pretty good i feel like it gets you loosened up pretty well and that tempo especially but i'm curious to see how the orange rip is going to compare to the lag shot all right now we got the lag shot like i said before this thing is really really wobbly like this you know you can kind of like almost snap it in half but i got the seven iron right here i also

have a wedge and a driver which i'll hit for you after this but like i said what's different about this is i'm actually gonna be able to hit this ball into the screen and we're gonna be able to see how this flies now the thing with the lag shot is it's all about your tempo right you're not supposed to swing it 100 a nice fluid tempo give you that nice lag feeling and

the ball should fly nice and straight it might go a little right on you at first with a few swings you should be able to figure it out so see what happens here it's definitely an interesting feeling it's like a little noodle

yeah there's that right at first a little quick but it gives you that instant feedback right if you're going right your temp temper's just a little quick i mean like i said it's going 170

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14 thoughts on “? Golf Swing Trainer – Lag Shot vs Orange Whip [SHOCKING RESULTS!]

  1. If someone is in a country either then USA, your link will not push the deal through, as Lagshot makes you select your country. Thus we lose out on the 15% deal, and you lose out on the commision. ?

  2. I've had the orange whip for a while now, just recently working on drills to help with my lag in my swing. I have seen improvement in my contact with the ball since these drills, just received the Lag shot 7 iron yesterday, hitting it high and straight using Birdie Balls, so the o-whip has helped tremendously. In my opinion the Lag shot will be my go to practice tool only because you actually get feedback while hitting balls.

  3. No pun intended, but these two devices are as different as "apples and oranges"!. I have both and found the O-whip to just be an excellent warm up tool. The LagShot is solid and when used properly grooves the lag aspect needed in a golf swing; due in part that it is indeed an actual club and at actual length. They are both excellent products: just different.

  4. Hey thanks for the vid! I was looking into getting the lag shot. Just curious from your experience, do you think the 7 iron would suffice or does the driver/wedge version make enough impact to invest the extra money? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  5. I use the orange whip every practice session and before a round. Thanks for this coupon code (Ive been waiting for one for a while). We'll see how the lag shot is.

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