Adam Scott's golf swing in Slow Motion

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Adam Scott has one of the best swings in golf, and it's even better in Slow Motion.


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Colby Lara says:

DAMN! Hw doesn't even need the club to a hit a ball!! 0:48, 1;14 1;26. Especially 1;26 Damn!

Mark Smith says:

It's literally perfect

Richard White says:

A swing that can take him well into the seniors tour. Butter smooth, simple and elegant

Felicity Prout says:

Basically, he flips it over the top, venturing into shankland.

Aussie Golfer says:

One of the best swings on tour , shame about the putter

Angus Wills says:

i'd sell my first born to have a swing that smooth

Patrick Sham Yuen says:

A swing of beauty, balance and poise

Chuckles says:

everything is in harmony, it's like poem in motion

Alex Rhie says:


Coby Wan-Kenobi says:

Great vid! Do more of these pls!

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