? Lag Shot Golf Driver Swing Demo – Why YOU NEED This In Your BAG!

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This video is about How To CREATE LAG In The Golf Downswing with your driver. For more golf tips and drills for your golf driver swing please make sure to check out https://ScratchGolfAcademy.com. For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.

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? Save 10% Off With Code: ADAMDRIVER10

19 thoughts on “? Lag Shot Golf Driver Swing Demo – Why YOU NEED This In Your BAG!

  1. I just wanted to say to all the naysayers who think that the Lag Golf is a gimmick or just like almost all the training aids (they are in the garage), you are completely wrong. I am 68 years old and only 5’3” self taught and have been playing for 40 yrs. I was skeptical too but I purchased the 7 iron and followed videos and just swung the club inside my house and in backyard. Then hit plastic balls in the yard and you not only feel lag and proper impact you can see immediately with balls. It was really quite amazing. I take 7 iron to the course and if shots go off I just take a few practice swings and voila it’s back. If you give it’s some time it does make difference. Biotin line it has paid for itself in allowing me to hit my shots as long as the guys I play with are bigger and younger. Gives me a smile especially in these crazy times. Thank you Adam for your great review. I'm so glad the Lag Shot driver was released. I"m going to get one now. Thanks for the discount code!

  2. I like feel aspect
    Not thinking.
    I played baseball all my life.
    Got up to plate and when was time to swing, I wasn’t thinking, I would just go through it and smash it.
    That being said, I have a lot harder time staying consistent playing golf.
    Hopefully these clubs help with feel and take the thinking out of it.

  3. B।JP kisi aaka ke nirdesh se chalane wali।parti।nahi।hai ।yahan to c m apani yogyata se shasan chalata hai ।rahi bat sindhiya samarthakon।ki to abhi tak unaki gulami मानसिकता नहीं गई है धीरे।धीरे गुलामी मानसिकता। दूर होगी

  4. HI adam iam 60 yeats started playing golf 3 years back with almost 1.5 years of non play due to covid?my question/querry..The ball is kept at the centre of the driver during takeaway ..but while coming down and cutting the circle the ball tends hit th TOE of the driver..ur guidence plz

  5. Thank you Adam , another great demonstration/lesson
    For me the most important part of the game , if you can get off the t consistently straight it sets up the rest of your game ???‍♂️

  6. First, I have no idea how these lag shot clubs work like they do? I bought the 7 iron a few months ago and almost instantly added 15 yards to my iron shots. But nothing for my driver. I was surprised that some of the benefits from the 7 iron didn't transfer over to my drives. Is there a 30 day money back guarantee like it was for the 7 iron?

  7. I purchased the Lag Shot driver about 4-5 months ago. This may be the best investment I've ever made in my golf game. I keep track of my stats every round, and in the last few months I have doubled the amount of fairways I've hit, and I'm consistently 20-30 yards longer off the tee. This club is the real deal.

  8. I have the lag shot 7 iron. And I love it. If I start getting off tempo I’ll pull it out and hit a few. Straightens ya right up. The d stick is my enemy currently.

  9. The actor Adam Driver likes this code!

    About me, I like your lessons and I find them very useful: recently I approached golf ( before I was just a spectator ) and I'm learning a lot from your videos!

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