HOW TO GET LAG IN 2 MINUTES (Simple Lag Drill with Driver or Irons)

In this tip I explain how to get lag in 2 minutes. That's right. I show you an actual student in this video. You'll see his before swing compared to after I showed him this simple lag drill. This took about 2 minutes to get lag. So if he can do it why can't you? Give it a try with both driver and irons.

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Lag is vital if you want to generate move clubhead speed to hit the ball a long way. The problem is, few amateur players have it in their swing. This is due to hitting with the arms. This hitting tightens your wrists and move the club before your body.

If you want to learn how to get lag in your swing just do this simple lag drill as I explain it in this tip. To prove that you're getting lag, simply video your swing after you try it. If you see that you're getting it, then this lag drill should become one of your favorites.

You can literally do this around the house and at the range with driver or irons. Just repeat it enough that you start to loosen up and if you do you'll finally know how to get lag in your golf swing and increase your clubhead speed.

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27 thoughts on “HOW TO GET LAG IN 2 MINUTES (Simple Lag Drill with Driver or Irons)

  1. I bought Paul’s program a few years back. Prior to that, I couldn’t hit the ball further than 190. Fast forward 3 years of once a week practice sessions and now I hit my driver 250 straight every single time. Best investment I’ve made in my game. Follow it and be patient- totally worth it!

  2. Paul – This is great. I recently got an Acu-strike impact training mat, to help determine where I'm striking the ground (fat!!). This drill had my striking after the ball location within 5 swings. Slow at first, as you stated. Great stuff, need to do this drill daily…. and between shots on the range/course!!

  3. Just back to golf after 10yrs away. I have tried everything to fix my drive and I couldn’t get ball in the air. Seemed it had to be in my lag. Thought this seemed very gimmicky. Not going to lie. I tried it today and hit 5 bombs in a row. $100 tip it my book

  4. the issue I have isn't creating lag, it's releasing it at the right time, maybe I already do that though, idk but my drives are inconsistent and hooking is the issue

  5. Hi Paul. I have been trying for years to get lag in my swing, but I had no turn and a deathgrip on the club. I watched your video, then went to the range. Only had time to hit about 15 balls, so I thought Oh well, I'll practice on the course. Success! Not only did it add lag, it freed up my shoulders so I could actually turn! And it released my death grip on the club. Thanks!

  6. This doesn't feel strange or uneasy at all, in fact it actually feels like freedom. I just played a horrendous round of golf and I can say with 100% certainty that this drill itself feels better than any swing I attempted today. Brilliant video with the most succinct lesson I have ever seen.

  7. I hit the driver with lag about 30 years ago and drove a par 4, all by accident. I could never get this feeling back until now. Thank you Paul. I am going to practice and will be a single digit handicapper in 1 month. Thank you again

  8. Funny thing i was hitting back of my neck exactly as your drill suggests to try to create lag in actual rounds and it worked to get way higher and further irons im 6 foot 7…if u do that drill and bring the club tight from inside like Furyk u hit blades amazingly! Im a bogie golfer but no kidding hit 7 pars in row doing that…no reason for me to hit blades only shows me if if hitting small sweet spot if i can do it with blades will translate amazingly to mid capper clubs…

  9. GOOD morning sir, been trying for years to find this .I have viewed every video you've made ,this one was the AH HA moment ,got it now will keep it forever !! thank you much don't stop helping us all , Bill 84 yrs

  10. Wow! OMG, fabulous suggestion ! In years past I played a ton of golf and never heard anything close to this simple approach to Eliminating casting. Just trying to understand and implement other suggestions was a head spinner. This makes so much sense and is simple. Thank you Paul. With gratitude, Patrick

  11. Paul, I am a 74 yr old senior. Hitting indoors recently using a "Trackman" I recently hit a fairway 7 wood 188 yards off the deck using lag. I was amazed in that looking this video here it was exactly done as shown here ! My goal now is the hit my driver with "lag" to generate more distance. This video is excellent in the fact it gives me steps to follow to achieve my goal. More than anything here, and though you don't mention it, this video when followed prevents the dreaded "casting" which is the biggest killer of lag. At my age, I am averaging 210 yards per drive and yet I feel that your method here will get me more yardage soon. Thanks for this excellent video!

  12. Hi Paul; My issue with lag is knowing when to release the wrist angle. Many times, when I do it, I'll hit it fat, so I assume I'm releasing the angle too soon. I'm not casting on the way down, so I know that's not the problem. Thanks in advance.

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