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In this Porzak Golf Lesson, Adam works with Junior Golfer Frankie on a Golf hip Rotation Drill. Grab 3 private Videos To Gain Distance Now – http://bit.ly/PorzakFreeVids​​​

In this San Diego golf lesson Porzak Golf helps Frankie on fixing his early extension. The early hip extension takes away space from the hands to swing freely. These golf iron tips will help you get the correct lower body movement down, eliminating your early hip extension. The proper golf hip rotation and this golf hip turn drill will surely help you with your downswing and impact. The golf hip rotation on the downswing will surely help you with your contact and accuracy. How to hit irons straight has so much to do with proper lower body movement. These golf iron tips and ball striking drills will show you how to properly rotate the hips on the downswing and keep the chest over the ball.. Early extension plagues a lot of golfers, fix it now with these feels and golf drills and golf tips. Any questions, please ask!!

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19 thoughts on “#1 Golf Hip Rotation Drill – Porzak Golf

  1. Eric Cogorno just reposted a video he did with Mike Malaska on how the hips should work in a straight line (not just turning) as though walking away from the ball. I looked up this video of yours to verify what you teach. Seems very much the same concept.

  2. I love your videos and I don't know if you edit them but a lot of times it seems like you give them something to work on and then a very nice swing you're telling them something else to work on It's like they're not getting into the groove to work on the one thing you tell them but you must edit the videos

  3. Took so long to come across your content. Ive seen all the golf instructions and instructors Youtube has to offer and I have to say you are among the best of them. Id love to one day get a lesson from you in person. Much love and respect from Korea

  4. Hi Adam, I came across your instruction videos on you tube and now am hooked. I’m 58 years old living in New Zealand. I have watched 100s of other instructors videos and they don’t come close to your exceptional knowledge and presentation. Easy to follow, not rushed and great demonstration of the breakdown and faults of swing. Exactly what all us need to improve. Wish I found you earlier. Please keep up the fantastic you tube videos and thanks for sharing your amazing content and expert analysis with us.

  5. Adam, love this video and your patient instruction is a joy – you are a natural communicator.
    Can I check one thing? You talk about "fast hands" on the downswing, is this the case throughout the bag?

  6. when i come down i key on pulling the left hip back and that works a lot of the time but i guess the hip bone is one big piece of bone and it seems what ever one hip does the other hip does the opposite so at times the right hip and the knee pop out and ruin the shot it seems. so i have to work on keeping the butt back. thnx again for the help.

  7. i have the problem at times of the right knee and hip popping out and i can kinda see it in the corner of my eye but did not understand what was happening except for the bad shot. now i see the fix, thnx.

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