The Golf Swing Is So Much Easier When You Do This

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You can make the golf swing so much easier by using your hips correctly in the downswing. All great golfers have great lower body action and you can to by following these drills.

In the downswing the hips have 3 main functions, so shift your weight, help you rotate and produce power, missing any of those elements can make your swing less accurate and less efficient.

In this video I share with you 3 drills that can have you feeling like the golf swing is so much easier than in used to be.

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00:00 Intro
00:57 Weight Shift Drill
03:36 Rotation Drill
07:53 Explode Drill
11:27 Shot & Summary

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jeevst says:

Wow that last drill really worked ! Feels like the feet pushing in opposite forces cause the hips to twist. Great lesson !

Zebra Zport says:

The hips only turn back to frontal(naturally position) by impact…….Not around the danger corner were slice and cut lives.
It's……lateral shove……NOT rotation

Zebra Zport says:

You all are confusing students and golfers! You are in fact promoting TWISTING!……the hips. The term Rotation is out of context!
And TWISTING action pull the body out of line!
The hips is shoved lateral towards target…….NOT TWISTED ACROSS (schew) target line.
Learn some body dynamics bru. Hips…connect to torax… connect to shoulders…..!…….arms…….hands!
LATERAL SHIFT(SHOVE) is the name of the game!

Jenno Vices says:

great Video I agree, I just think the last movement while pulling the alignment stick out of the ground could have been shown in a slomo replay, it was quite a fast move.

MrEric0822 says:

Too. Technical. Surely there is a better way to teach this important concept.

Joey Gallo Sympathizer says:

This guy and Rick Shiels have helped me go from shooting high 90s to low 100s, to hitting mid 80s in about 2 months. Took a long break from playing golf, and now getting back into it. Love you guys.

NontL says:

Should my left leg be straight when impact with the ball ?

gail livingstone says:




Neil W says:

You have to be the very best person on YouTube, at explaining with clarity, what the correct moves in the golf swing should feel like, superb👍

James Smith says:

Your videos are amazing ,explaining subtle movements in detail that other instructors do not.Thanks again Chris!

allan t says:

Gotta give it to you, hands down the best teacher on YouTube!

T T says:

Good teaching by 3steps

John Walsh says:

Great lesson, is the same for a driver but with a different ball position at set up?

Tman2727 says:

Chirs, your videos are constantly amazing! This one is also exceptional! You explain what must occur in a manner that is easy to follow and understand. Thank you!

Stephen Peterson says:

Pressure…rotation…extension. Got it. Fabulous instruction by a gifted teacher.

winn says:

What are the hand actions or paths at impact?

coachingvital says:

No pueden subtitular en español por favor?

MrWing53 says:

Thank you so much Chris 👍

Joe Almeida says:

You give this best online coaching Chris

Daniel Harrison says:

Only part of my swing I still struggle with. Gonna practice this weekend. Thanks Chris. Best instructor

Brent Taylor says:

great video

Thomas Lahr says:

Phenomenal lesson here!

Harold Pohoresky says:

A classic video on how the hips should move . Brilliantly illustrated.

nycabi life is great says:

OK…… UR a miracle worker now ! LOL ! Hopefully it stops raining here in the San Francisco Bay Area today so I can take your encouragement about my hip turn 2 the range! LOL! Thanks 4 your help !

Ray says:

Great lesson Chris, I watched your right hip very carefully and it sort of moves on it's own little swing path. I've never thought too much about my hips, they just went along for the ride with my shoulder turn, but moving the right hip on it's own little swing path, moving down, around, and up makes it much easier to get back to the ball. I don't have to manipulate my posture or stretch my arms out to the ball in the downswing.
Thank you.

Bill 8210 says:

I never fully appreciated how the trail hip is supposed to rotate UP and then, after the hips rotate DOWN, the lead hip rotates UP, all in one smooth, continuous motion — at least, that's how I now see it. Mentally I had mistakenly broken my swing up into too many discrete pieces, and and as a result my hips weren't moving properly, but now they are. Thank you!!!

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