YOUR HIPS are the ENGINE of the Golf Swing #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno


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22 thoughts on “YOUR HIPS are the ENGINE of the Golf Swing #shorts #golfswing #golf #ericcogorno

  1. If you have a problem with this, focusing on the hip may not work it didn’t for me). Instead, focus on keeping your weight on the inside of your trail foot. Don’t let the weight go to the outside. This automatically stops the hip sway

  2. Absolutely incorrect ! Many bio-mechanical teachings is simply well intended, but not even necessary . Been teaching for years and have literally learned much of traditional teaching adds confusion.

  3. At 14 the club pro told me to hit my old 2 iron off of the patio concrete. Great lesson, I could still see the 2 on the bottom of the club after hundreds of swings. I’m 71 and still able to hit a 2 iron off concrete without hitting the concrete. My hips are still working in spite of ignoring them in the swing. This ain’t rocket science duh.

  4. He and everyone else should read Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf to understand how to use the hips to power the swing. Notice in this video how his trail foot rolls to the outside. Hogan’s didn’t. Want to know why? Buy and read the book.

  5. Another great little short to remember – the 'sway ' or lateral movement is something I've struggled with at times. Trying to feel like your right pocket is moving up to the right and right butt cheek turning to face the target is a 'feel' I've tried to remember to keep me solid over the ball during the swing. Thanks for the reminder Eric!

  6. Best video I have seen on how to shank your balls..Hips Should Not be static to be accurate so just hesitant a second or articulate your rear hips Down and twist

  7. On the course today, I focused on your subject of this video. I could not believe how much I was swaying to the right during my swing. Trying not to sway during my swing, I I was making good ball contact but pushing it out to the right just a little. Great advice.

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