10 Greatest F1 Drivers Of All Time!

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As the decade draws to a close and we reflect on the past years of Formula 1, there's no denying that we've had some amazing seasons, crazy moments, unforgettable races, and some incredible drivers. In this video I will list top 10 Formula 1 Driver from the last decade, taking into account their achievements, talent and longevity during this era.

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Jerry Zhang says:

Ham is the best for sure, he wins the title over and over again while being bullid by almost everyone in F1, including his own team just because he is black….

kteelen says:

Max is already up there, maybe even being the best ever.

ingrid martins says:

Ayrton Senna without doubt

derek crymble says:

Fangio , Senna , Clark , Mansell , Prost , Gilles , Vettle , Alonso , Cramilton , Schumacher .

Thijn Zwartsenberg says:

Max is the best

King Jinendra says:

Jim Clark should be #1 , Fangio #2 , alonso#3, ascari#4

Rhubba says:

No Jim Clark. Glaring omission.

Techoo says:

My favs: (If u agree like)

Techoo says:

5000th view!😊

Than Choul says:

9. Sir Jackie Stewart
10. Vettel

Henrique Witts says:

Ayrton Senna is the greatest in history !!

Brendan Brown says:

Vettel above Stewart smh

J Men says:

Level 1:Fangio and Senna . Level 2: Ascari, Moss, Clark,. Prost, Schumacher and Alonso. Level 3: Stewart, Rindt, Hamilton and Max(going up).

clark_kent says:

Max is coming🦁

Urban Reuss says:

And he died too early, if he would live, he still could at least drive another 5-6 years at highest level

TheOnlyLeg says:

10 is just nonsense best British driver no way, Jim Clark, Ken miles….

JOHN says:

In my opinion Schumacher is the greatest of all time he could have easily made certain he stayed in the best team year after year to win far more championship than 7 but he decided to sacrifice 5 years of his peak performance to drag Ferrari up to the top where he felt they belonged. Lewis Hamilton had only raced with Mercedes power and never stepped out of his comfort zone played it safe and dropped his head many times when he has been behind his rival .

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