14 thoughts on “Brand New Irons VS 10 Year Old Irons…you will be shocked by the results

  1. As wonderful as tech and numbers are. Lets be completely truthful. You want the confidence looking at your gear. But…. in the end, we all know it isnt the arrow, its the indian holding the bow. Any, and i mean any top 100 player in the world. Could use there clubs from 10 uears ago, and put a serious smackdown on any of us. It ultimately comes down to the athlete, not the gear? Great vid tho!

  2. Blade irons traditionally have weaker lofts, especially Mizuno. I would think the Srixon would have stronger lofts or same being a cavity back. You didn’t post launch angle or dispersion, so it’s tough to see why one went further the other. You almost have to start with the specs of the clubs before you test, then show all results to get a explanation. Shafts, Stiffness, Weight, Kickpoint, Flex, Length all play a role.

  3. I suck at golf but I'm closing in on breaking 90. I've always played with TaylorMade irons that were brand new in 93, when I was 5. This year I found a really good deal and pcked up a set of 2014 Callaways. Haven't got to use them in a round yet but the difference at the range is night and day.

    Stronger, longer, more forgiving, more weighty which adds to the speed and my miss has become very consistent, a pull fade.

    Sometimes, it really is the arrow, and not the archer.

  4. Most important is that your swing is not good enough to play forged blades. The semi cavity backs will give you more good shots. BTW, not many can play blades well.

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