124 mph club head speed (new personal best) Speed Training w/ Ryp Golf

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We visited Luke Benoit and Scott McDonald at Interlachen Country Club in Minneapolis, MN to check out their new Rypstick training tool. Listen into the full conversation here.

Awesome golf speed training to increase club head speed along with, four fitness tests, that you can do at home, overspeed training and a swing assessment.

Great golf instruction from Luke Benoit, Ryp Golf.


26 thoughts on “124 mph club head speed (new personal best) Speed Training w/ Ryp Golf

  1. Thanks for sharing this very useful video. I must agree with this trainer's logic that he trains people to have the right sequences (forms) before hitting the balls. Most people do the opposit – hitting the balls, then the form and then speed.

  2. I’m 46 years old and my results from three of the tests are:
    Vertical jump – 17 inches
    Seated throw – 18 ft
    Lying throw – 16 ft

    Could you please assess my club/ball speed potential? I’m a bad mechanics golfer, but I keep it in play. I hit my 3W off the tee and it goes 180 yards on average. Thank you so much!!


  3. The guy asking but you want more ? hey if the best in the world do it and want optimal speed then why not?
    I’d be happy to be ripping it 320 :3 but as a max perfect shot why not go for more! Wouldn’t it make it easier to hit 300+ with other clubs or sure swings? Im still an amateur to golf but now starting to keep track of my stats. Great content!

  4. What weight of med ball were you using? Curious to try these. I'm convinced my numbers would be very high compared to what was shown (you did a great job btw), but if you're doing that and they say you should be swinging 120+, I want to know how much faster I should be swinging, because I'm at 130-133 rn, but I would have thrown that med ball through the wall with an overhead pass like that lol and likely could almost hit my head on the ceiling. This isn't some flex post, but more-so curiosity! Appreciate you letting me know the baseline med ball weight. Are they measuring in Feet/inches?/

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