How Far Should the Average Golfer Hit a Driver? (By Age, Gender, Handicap + Swingspeed!)

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When you watch golf there’s nothing quite like watching the pros smash their drives 300 plus yards far into the distance.

But how far does the average golfer hit the ball?

Thanks to great advances in golf tracking technology from the folks at Arccos, top analysis by GolfWRX and the latest Golf Distance Insights Report produced by the USGA and R&A we now have great data available to answer this question.

So in this video present the latest information broken down by age, gender, handicap and swingspeed!

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Peter Drake says:

When you say 'hit a ball 300 yards' does that mean the TOTAL distance the ball travels or just the length of the flight before it hits the ground?

S 01 says:

First ever time using a driver on the range today , 3rd time on driving range , I started if using irons first 2 days , today I was hitting 241 yard shots measured by computer thingy

Paulsor says:

anybody else a 30 handicap and can hit 280 drives? i hope im not alone!

Jefchang1 says:

These distances are nonsense. At the age of 40 when I took up golf 40 years ago we were all using persimmon drivers. Our woods were made of wood and metal 'woods' were just being developed. In the UK I drove 270 yards regularly: a driver and a 3 wood reached 500 yards regularly on par 5s and almost 500 metres on very hard fairways in Spain. We used blades not modern irons and my 3 iron went over 200 yards.

5756strat says:

Another interesting analysis . Thank you. Are the driving distances quoted, total distance (carry & run out) or just carry? I assume again that you are using yards rather than meters. Cheers

Alan Wood says:

Yep! but my short game is magic and i found a lot of practise certainly helped oh and a big helping of Hogan. lol

John Graziani says:

Other than distance and direction, my shots are pretty good.

David Lloyd says:

I'm 53 years old and I drive the ball 240 – 260 with a 285 290 max and my handicap is 14. I'm more than happy with that according to these stats. Thank you!

Geoff Cohen says:

1.06 Distances from 2017 to 2019 have gone down. Assume this is the effect of global cooling.

LabGorilla says:

I presume these distances are carry?

Casey Diamond says:

My Dad is 51 and just hit one 290 lol

Jamie Sloan says:

I’m dead on average for a scratch golfer, with my 105mph swing speed, and distances with each club. I’d be a plus HC if my approach game was sharper. But….. it isn’t. lol. My putting is even above average. I’ll generally have less than 30 putts per round. My putting covers up my sub par iron play. It’s impossible to get your entire game clicking at the same time. This game is HARD.

Derek Whyle says:

I think the handicap chart is more accurate predictor than the age one. The age related one ignores the standard that older golfers may have achieved when younger.

RiotRyan? says:

I’m 14 and hit my driver around 260 average at 6 ft is that normal?

Adam Dix says:

I'm 5'7 and 34yrs old. I can easily hit 280-300 when I make pure contact and my best balls are 315-340. I landed two par 4s in one recently, one 310 out and one 330 out. Also shot the green on a 335 hole. I usually score between 93 and 103 so I'm not a pro at all but how common is it to hit that far for just a weekend amateur?

Bruce Seaman says:

79mph swing speed (7 iron)6 handicap….58 years of age,5 '7 tall…..speed isn't everything….straight is!

Jack Kagan says:

As a good friend of mine likes to say “Driving is over rated”.

The Indoor Outdoorsman says:

So was this carry or total? Only the last chart specified.

Teddy Zamba says:

Its refreshing to see that all handicappers can hit the ball out of their shadow; even the fat boys….nice…!!

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