13 Year Old Scratch Golfer / Amateur vs PGA Pro | Exp Golf

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13 Year Old Scratch Golfer / Amateur vs PGA Pro | Exp Golf

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Thanks to Valencia Country Club for letting us film! You should go check them out! https://www.valenciagolfclub.com/

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Hopefully, by watching this channel you'll learn how you can enjoy and have fun on the golf course even if you stink or just learning. We'll be showing you fun golf challenges, pro vs am, golf club challenges, golf vlogs, golf match play challenges, and more! Let us know what you want to see next

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Aliace Davis says:

What's up with those fairways?

Quack Smack says:

jesus, far too much yapping from poor players. Just show the shots and shut up. Impossible to listen to this crap.

Carter says:

Why is he not using a csrt

chase larsen says:

Lmao I thought that fairway was a sand pit the whole time

Dillon Schrock says:

im a +.8 at 14

killzone2926 YT says:

Bro why does the cameraman seemed gassed lol


It’s funny man people think pga players are all tiger woods you do realize shooting over par for a pro is not uncommon

RAF says:

Kai is how old? Good lord

Joseph Santos says:

Have some respect for the game and wait to go Kai you are a gentleman of playing this game

Z Z says:

I highly doubt he is a pga pro……. I’ve been playing since high school and I play better, I’m sorry but when you call someone a pga pro they have great control. He’s shooting all over the place

Darragh Gormley says:

If varane played golf

Cooper Reid says:

How are they not getting on that 386yrd par 4 in regulation? 🤔

Matt Magro says:

Long gimie on the first hole

World Twilight Golfer says:

How can I grow my golf youtube channel? I rank golf courses in every country, take a look! 🙂

Bot Or Die says:

mark is a pro??! lmaaaooo he carries himself like wannabe pro and makes up a dumb rule after the kids roasted drive

Kevin Jones says:

That’s not right🥲😀

Landon A says:

He knew it was over if he didn’t adjust the rules….. lol. Way to go Kai!

Brady Moore says:

Pro is annoying

Justin Wang says:

I see three adhd kids just like mine. My boys likes golfing too lol.

Coach Millington says:

Dude just completely changed the rules when he saw he was gonna lose. What a chump haha

Bogdan R says:

What a generous first hold give

Eric Gerger says:

these guys have no golf etiquette besides kai

Ecstatic Italian says:

Am I dumb or did it say par 5 then it said par4 at 8:52

Harrison Kiger says:

And there wasn’t a rematch 😭

Kevin Jones says:

Mark my guy😬🤨🧐

griffen gallant says:

He’s not scratch

splitzggs says:

making him walk bruh

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