Best Golfball Tee Prank and The Worlds Best Trick Golf Balls!

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The worlds flattest golf tee is the best prank on the golf course. Use sand paper to flatten the top of all golf tees. Flat golf tees plus the worlds best trick golf balls are funny prank ideas to pull on golfers.

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Comment why you want my exploding golf balls and thumbs up the video if you liked these golf ball tricks. Thank you for watching! Let me know if you have any prank suggestions, see ya in the comments below!

Golf Pranks in this video
0:14 Flat golfer tee
1:19 Jumbo Marshmallow Golfballs
1:49 Golf cart prank
2:11 Lost key trick
2:56 Exploding golfball (cut it open to see whats inside)
3:30 Golfer breaks club
4:06 Eject a putt
4:38 Unputtable golf ball (cut it open to see whats inside)

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howtoPRANKitup says:

What caused you to laugh the hardest you’ve ever laughed?

charles playz says:

Pepe them lol

Mack Andi says:

Golf so I can take it to golf tournament

Eetu N says:

4.52 bloooooodd

Adam Ryan says:

My friend works at a golf course. I'll sneak an exploding ball into one of the drive range baskets and when someone buys it I'll wait to see them use the ball on the range

Not Hat says:

I’ll prank my sister in her birthday cuz she’s going to go crazy golf

djnicc says:

My dad likes to go to the driving range a lot. I’m going to go and he’ll be humiliated because everyone will see it

Devan Steinke says:

I wanna use those golf balls for a gender reveal and change the inside color

IT Baldwin says:

My grand pa got me into golf about a year ago and I would love to see his face when he hits that golf ball

Burken Productions says:

You should make golf balls with zirconium and sand like they did in movies in paint balls to simulate bullet hits on metal like car doors and s uch. That would make an awesome golf ball 🙂

bd flavors says:

you/re not a golfer. i could make these really work

Matthew Jamil says:

I caddie at a private golf course and I would use the ball to prank one of the golfers I caddy for.

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