14 handicap Vs 19 handicap – Great Winter Course – Upavon Golf Club – Back 9

⛳️ Tee up for an epic showdown at Upavon Golf Club as the 14 handicap takes on the 19 handicap on the stunning back 9! With the 19 handicap leading by 1 after the front 9, tensions are high and the stakes are higher. Join us on this thrilling match filled with surprises, incredible shots, and breathtaking views of the hilly Downland course that's in impeccable condition. Watch as the action unfolds on this challenging course that drains like a dream. Don't miss out on the excitement – subscribe now and witness golfing greatness in the making! ????️‍♂️???? #GolfChallenge #UpavonGolfClub #SubscribeForMore

8 thoughts on “14 handicap Vs 19 handicap – Great Winter Course – Upavon Golf Club – Back 9

  1. Great content ???? love watching the videos at the moment getting through the winter period ???? where’s olly haven’t seen him play for a while?

  2. Sam's ball striking was impressive for a 19 handicapper, but fair play to wayne you really had to grind that one out. Not sure about the P dizzle stuff on the down hill par 3. Still the pressure got to Sam on the 18, not sure what type of "izzle" you wanna put to that shot, even on the second go. Still not as good as Wayne going 3 off the tee and not making it passed the forward tees ???????????? top stuff can't wait for the golf day????

  3. The double coloured flag denotes the flag is on the upper tier, if there is only one colour its on the lower level, regards (tough track eh) very challenging when its windy!!

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