28 thoughts on “Top 5 Forgiving Irons For Mid to High Handicappers of 2024

  1. I live in Iowa, USA. I can't even find the Kirkland branded clubs… any of them. Hats off to your connections, they must be close to a major golfing area that they had them stocked in at all. Little bit jealous lol. Keep the vids coming and thank you.

  2. None of these irons are remotely in line for a high handicap golfer. If I’m not mistaken aren’t the Cobras available in an X model more suited for more forgiveness and slightly bigger profile? I recently hit a new set of 2022 Mavriks with the TT XP 95 shafts and retired my Ping G430’s. For $600 brand new they are bangers! The original iron had the MPH 95 shaft which in my opinion felt hard off the club face. This vid makes no sense.

  3. If the i525 is nearly as good good as the i230 irons then they would be awesome. I'm a high handicap golfer but I hit the ball fairly long I did a fitting and the game improvement irons just fly to far for me so I tried some of the players hollow body irons and found that the ping i230 is the pick of the bunch by far for me even better and easier to hit than all of the the game improvement irons I tried. Feel wise they matched the Mizuno 225 but we're alot more consistent strike and flight wise for me.

    I haven't placed the order yet as I've got a wedding to pay for and they came in at $2300 Aus dollars. But I'm going standard lie, 1 degree stronger lofts.

    I have been thinking about dropping i525 in at the 4,5 and 6 iron but I'm worried about gapping to the 7 iron

  4. For mid-high HCPers, don’t forget DTCs. So many great choices for irons. Takomo, Haywood, Edel, Sub 70. Shop those places as well. Great value and great clubs.

  5. I hit the Cobra, the P790 (and P770), the Ping as well as an offering from Callaway and eventually landed on the Titleist T200's. I'm a little surprised they aren't on your list – but they were the best of the bunch for me.

  6. Had a recent iron fit and have to say my unpopular opinion is the P790s are the worst feeling and sounding golf clubs I’ve ever hit in my life. First shot sounded like a shank, second confirmed that’s what it does indeed sound like…*casually passes club back to fitter without saying much*

  7. Literally got my forge tecs yesterday. Bought them on sale without testing (not wise but whatever) and loved them from the first strike.

  8. Top 5 forged hollow-body irons without the Mizuno 245! is this a joke? Seems like James has just given up trying and just spews out nonsense as quickly as he can. Too bad — used to like him a lot, but this is just silly.

  9. forged tec 2020 model one length just the ticket…….i wouldn't mind bagging the forged tec 2022 model they look sleek and more of a players iron with just that tad of juice????????????????????????

  10. I really enjoy your content day to day. I’m puzzled as to why you made a comparative program but with 7 & 8 irons.
    Hard to draw conclusions from the numbers.

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