99% Of Golfers SHOULD Use These “CHEAP” Irons!

99% Of Golfers SHOULD Use These “CHEAP” Irons! When buying new golf clubs there are certain things you need to think about… which golf clubs should you buy? which irons should you get? are you buying the right golf clubs for you? are these the best golf clubs of 2021? the best irons of 2021? the best budget irons? speaking about price, its so important that you shop within your budget and recently I did a video saying that 99% of golfers should use the forgiving Taylormade P770 and Taylormade P790 irons… but a lot of you said that they are too expensive… so I take it back, 99% of golfers should actually sue these Irons!!! cheap irons! budget golf clubs! the Tacoma 201 Irons… let's do it… and let's do it now!

13 thoughts on “99% Of Golfers SHOULD Use These “CHEAP” Irons!

  1. 201, look good and if they could get their clubs into club champion for fittings i would take a look but having seen the diference in fitted vs non fitted clubs i wont go back.

  2. As equipment gets more expensive these types of brands are great to see. Do wish iron sets included a 3 iron still. Not sure what happened to that iron. Even a $1500 set of P790 are only 4-PW now. Ridiculous. Guess I will continue to play my old 1999 Cleveland TA5 Golds. Probably got another decade in them. May be time for some new grips though, they are getting quite slick. Been considering Takomos vs the Tommy Armour 845.

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