19 Yards LONGER In One Easy Golf Swing Change!

If you want to improve your golf swing, this video shows how EASY it can be. Karol actually had an amazing golf swing, she was doing so many things well. However she found herself hitting duffs and leaking her irons shots to the right. Once we improved her club face at impact the results were incredible!

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15 thoughts on “19 Yards LONGER In One Easy Golf Swing Change!

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  2. I've always had a right fade leak just like this. I've tried to correct it by using this drill it kind of ends up turning into a draw. Why ?

  3. OMG … The instruction to relate the club face to resemble a tennis top spin move is brilliant!!! I will try this out on the course and practice for sure ? You guys rock ?

  4. Really enjoyed this video, you guys are awesome and I’ve dropped my score immensely since I started watching your videos. I think you guys could teach a corpse to play golf?

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