Move The Left Shoulder Down And Around To Rotate On Plane

How the left shoulder moves in the golf swing, or at least how it moves on camera, can be a big clue as to what is happening. In this video, you will learn about how the movement is not exclusive to just the shoulder and upper body, but also what is going on in the lower body (specifically the left hip). This is a great watch for you sliders and early extenders out there! We hope you enjoy!

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26 thoughts on “Move The Left Shoulder Down And Around To Rotate On Plane

  1. Henry, unfortunately I know this one too! It also gets worse if I don’t recenter properly (far enough or early enough). Love this vid. Alan

  2. Fundamentally spot-on, but as in MOST if not ALL instructional videos, the WHEN part is omitted. 'Transition' is mentioned, but that's too vague. Start the lowering spiral of the left shoulder at the same time your weight moves from your right heel to your left toe box (assuming you have the proper foot trace) and before the right wrist adds flex (lag) at the top. The timing of this is EVERYTHING.

  3. not easy at all.
    it s been a struggle for me to not spinning my hip and ended up on trail leg.
    most trouble some is when i try for a few more yards on a par 4. sometime the ball flew sideway to left T marker, literally.

    golf is hard.

  4. A comment about the difference between this Milo endorsed hip turn and the Hogan type big hip shift — would anyone have any thoughts on this?
    I’m impressed by what I see here, but how did Hogan make it work?

  5. See this just shows how hard golf is when you have something ingrained. Good stuff Milo and Henry. I don't mean to say that in a way that says the concept is difficult, but as an amateur relearning new pathways is HARD. You have to do it slowly overtime and forget about results!

  6. This has to be paired with the correct hands so the club falls instead of coming over. Otherwise it’s an over the top swing with pulls, slices, hooks, etc.

  7. Well this morning on range (before seeing this video) I was trying to make this (pivot) move and was totally unsuccessful – and very disappointed. I'm 75 and was a pretty good baseball player and tennis player but cannot correctly make this move. I am 5'8" and my backswing is very short with little separation between upper and lower body. When I try to move like you recommend I hit it fat or very fat. I see virtually no players swinging this way – and being Starter at my local GC. I see a lot of players – including the guys and gals on the Texas State golf teams who practice at my course. Any tips on how (and even whether) an old guy with lousy flexibility can learn how to swing this way? It just looks right. I am not a slicer, btw, and hit the 7-iron about 145.

  8. Love this Milo. Something I’ve struggled with for years & this really joined the dots for me. Tried it today & seeing an improvement. Only issue is I was coming into the ball a little steep. Any thoughts?

  9. Great video, Yes its all about the Sequencing,luckily i have good lower body action, my weakness in the sequence was not using my left chest/Pec to power my left shoulder/arm fling! So if like me your left violently twists into the ground in soft conditions you may be trying to make up for a lack of Pec Power! in the sequence.

  10. Hi Guys. Your right golfer should never shrug their right or left shoulders up during the swing of the club. This being said did you know that both shoulders can only rotate In their sockets by 20 degrees? And that both shoulders must move from the very start of the golfer’s swing to the very finished? This being said at the start of the golfer downswing the left shoulder must only turn and rotate up as the right shoulder is rotating 20 degrees down until both shoulders levels off at the end of the swing. Cheers

  11. Maybe this is what I haven't been understanding! In an effort to stop the right shoulder going out towards the ball and over the top I've started dropping my right shoulder down and left shoulder up to start the downswing! And when I do that I never understood how can I transfer my weight forward if my upper body is dropping back!! Now I realise if I keep the left shoulder down a little longer till I've transferred my weight then turn???? Does that make sense?? ? thanks! Great video!

  12. It looks like the left hip cleared for Henry and the shoulders are still allowed to rotate properly with the lead should going up adding to the release speed at the right time.

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