1953 Ryder Cup (Part 1) – Episode #822

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Unseen footage from The 1953 Ryder Cup at Wentworth Club. From the personal, never before seen collection of legendary golfer Jimmy Demaret. Watch Jack Burke Jr., Cary Middlecoff, Lloyd Mangrum, Jim Turnesa, and Sam Snead practice on the range – Episode #822

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adb70 says:

Amazing swing from Mangrum. Tightest pivot circle of any great player. 

Ryan Salamone says:

maves your tunes are tough…… so depressing.

Dary Merckens says:

Was just about to leave this exact comment except the other way around haha.


Great stuff guys, I feel like a kid in a candy store the more I see, the
more I want…:)

EagleEyeGolfer says:

Nice looking golf swing there by Gary Middlecoff. I can see why he had 40
PGA wins and 3 Majors.

Ez TheElf says:

I’d like to see these guys on the tour today…Snead would make these young
guys wet their pants.

ge10good says:

Mangrum looks like a fader. Anyone know?

Dary Merckens says:

Mangrum and Snead won their foursomes match 8 & 7 this year.

alcala3885 says:

Cary Middlecoff reminds me of Dustin Johnson

hoganfan924 says:

Apparently Demaret thought that the grip was pretty important, unlike some
johnny come lately instructors who keep promoting the idea that grip isn’t
a fundamental. Middlecoff and Mangrum may be 2 of the 3 most (with Casper)
underrated players of all time and Mangrum the toughest golfer ever.
Wounded multiple times in battle including in the battle of the bulge.
Could have taken it easy playing golf Stateside but chose to serve
overseas. He modeled his swing from Snead. I have his book.

Charles Criner says:

Thankyou so much SecretInTheDirt! One of the best you have ever put
together. To see Snead’s in color as a younger man was fantastic!

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