1969 Ryder Cup singles – Jacklin and Nicklaus

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ysgol3 says:

I’ve wondered for years what Jack actually said to Tony as he shook his
hand. (By the way who was the maniac who laughed insanely as Jacklin left
his last putt short and again as they shook hands ??) Anyway, I’ve finally
lip-read (past tense) Jack’s words -‘I wouldn’t appreciate it and I would
never hear of that..’. Presumably the ‘appreciate’ bit meant he didn’t want
Tony to miss, and the .never hear’ indicated that was why Jack was giving
Tony the putt. 

malcs0 says:

Nicklaus said later that British golf needed a champion like Jacklin. He
wanted the Brits to believe they could challenge the all-conquering
Americans. Therefore, with an amazing presence of mind, he picked up
Jacklin’s marker, not just as a sporting gesture, but also as a way of
preserving Jacklin’s status as a British sporting hero. Jacklin’s attitude
and manner toward that gesture was just as classy. They have remained on
good terms ever since.

tor378a says:

Just a remarkable act of sportsmanship from Jack. A class act all the way.
Still the greatest ever (it requires more than just winning to be “great”).

KAF128 says:

Pretty sure Henry knew exactly what it meant – he mentioned it 3 times down
the 18th – that was his understated style.

jcrown7 says:

Love the old commentator who misses the significance of Nicklaus just
picking up Jacklin’s marker.

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