1999 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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Sam McLean says:

Gre Norman MILES short on 8th?? Blimey

Sam McLean says:

cheers for posting. Steve Pate?

trlprk says:

1999, one of the most memorable years in golf. Payne Stewart's win at Pinehurst, and subsequent death later in the year. Jean Van De Velde meltdown at Carnoustie. Tigers dual with Bob May in the PGA , and one of the greatest Ryder Cup comebacks of all time.

Christians For Truth says:

It's a shame that Sergio Garcia the low amateur turned out to an insufferable arrogant individual after he won a green jacket. Shame on you sir.

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

Jose Meria Ozalabel 2 green coats!

DanielSong39 says:

18 years later, Garcia would win low professional.

Steve Rapposelli says:

Did Mize even make another cut

Greg Stephens says:

Fleeting hope after his Eagle, but I still knew it was Greg Norman and he had 5 holes to play. Sure enough. Hate it for the Shark, this was his last gasp at it.

KYExtemper says:

That opening video package is awesome, yet hard to stomach as a Norman fan. I thought he had it after the eagle on 13 but Olazabal answered with a birdie and out-dueled Norman down the stretch.

supergolfdude says:

With wedge in hand, I knew Norman was done when he that shot into the bunker on 15.

francis1971 says:

Notice during the presentation of the Green Jacket there was some applause in the background – something you don't usually hear during the presentation.

Cole Meyers says:

Lion King music in the intro?

Brett Sirum says:

One of the underrated Masters Tournaments. I feel for Greg never getting it done, but Jose out played the whole field down the closing stretch on one of the toughest Sundays in Masters history…The putts made by Norman on 11 and 13, produced roars that gives you chills. Amazing how not a single player broke 70 that day

francis1971 says:

One of the amateurs would end up winning in 2008 – Trevor Immelmann

erskine68 says:

The original Tiger 16th hole chip 3:11:20

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