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MIZUNO JPX 919 FORGED, Mark Crossfield and Dan Hendriksen test the new Mizuno 919 Forged irons around Torquay golf club. See what the guys make of these new Mizuno JPX irons and see if they could help you improve your golf game.


Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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Kevin Cunningham says:

Hey Mark, quick question, have you ever tested a power bat (Which tend to have lower loft than standard) which actually has a true loft of what an iron has on a bladed club and seen what difference there is? Quite often you say you are concerned that they take away loft on these clubs, would this be a good test to see what difference it would make?

Casey McCormack says:

Mark, you love your rinky but I've seen you struggle a bit with your 5 iron. I know you use the CB but it would make sense that if the AP2 is good enough for Speith???… Maybe you should try that one. I think the MB might produce those "flyerrrssss" that Dan experienced. Combo your set Bruh!! And somebody please help Coach… Rory killing him in your latest videos.. Thanks for the content guys.. Get up Dan…

James Gibson says:

12 handicapper and looking at i210 upgrading from G irons but this has given me big food for thought

Steve C says:

Lovely clubs???

Ty Guidry says:

I would love to see a mid handicapper test a blended set of the 919 tour and 919 forged!!

Yukon Cornelius, The Bearded Legend says:

man these look ugly. why the fuck would they incorporate a slot cavity in 2018, while simultaneously failing to offer a tour version in LH yet again. and the mizuno badge on the back…cummon…it makes the club look so cheap, just like the previous 900 model. fucking mizuno… so damn backwards. sighs. yuk.

Steve Berens says:

Hi Mark, great review. A tad confused, you say they are stronger lofted, stronger lofted than? They are the same loft as my jpx 825 pro's which i bought because of your review ? I'm currently playing off 13.2 and would game the new irons possibly in a combo set.

Karl Horsnell says:

They remind me a lot of my MP-25's just with slightly stronger lofts. I love my MP's but would happily give these a run 🙂

Jean Ferret says:

I saw these in our local store this week. Absolutely stunning.

Jeff Jones says:

So I went with MP18 MMCs last fall I really like the blade like looks and the buttery feel on good strikes all with a bit of help. My only little regret is the FLYHI 4 iron. Wish I would have gone hybrid. I just can’t hit it consistently. I have a 19 degree Adams Pro that I love!

Matthew De Ridder says:

So I bought my 18 mmc irons. I love the way they play. So forgiving for the size. I don't know why but the jpx line is just more visually appealing. Maybe after a few months of lessons I'll get the hdcp down from 10 to a 7 ish and be able to game the tours. I'm a pretty decent striker now, but I love forgiveness.

Gary Tailby says:

Niche to know you notice when Dan is a bit semi

David Boddy says:

would be interesting to see you do a review like this but on Mizuno putters along side Ping and Evnroll

Robert Symes says:

Another great review Mark and Dan. Play off hcp of 8 with Ping i20s. I booked for a fitting of the 919s and also ping i210/i500 in 5 weeks. Looking forward to it. Any chance of on course comparison of i500 to 919 hot metal and i210 to 919 forged? Keep up the great reviews. Cheers

Steve Lemieux says:

I'm starting to like this club, I haven't tried it yet but it look really nice, it should fit well for a mid handicapper like me

victor oconnor says:

Great review Mark. Would love to see your review of the Hot Metals, will you be doing this soon?

George Steer says:

Is there a JPX 919 Hot Metal coming for us of lesser abilities? Thanks for the great videos!

Michael Smoot says:

where is Lockey

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