2 Golf Swing Tips For Amazing CONSISTENCY

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In this weeks video we take Ian through 2 very simple golf swing tips that we know will bring him and you watching at home a huge amount of consistency when hitting your driver.

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Travis Moss says:

I practice this lesson a few times and first time putting to use I hit 6 out of 7 fairways dead down the middle. I have NEVER done that before. Thanks for the great tip!

J C says:

I am thinking about signing up for your online instruction. Does your online instruction come with how-to videos and do you charge extra for sending in videos for an analysis?

Graham Steele says:

Does this arm drill to reduce length of backswing transition to irons aswell as overswinging is a big problem for me also, definitely going to try this drill

OHG GOLF says:

Can I come see you in person?

Heath Lemond says:

This tip with the bag is actually awesome. Ive tried setting up sticks in front to try and go around but this gives you somthing very close that you have to miss. Cant wait to try this drill out.

Mattias A says:

Very good tip about the length of the backswing, that's my issue too. When it gets too long, my accuracy is all over the place, hooks and slices.

David Mullarkey says:

Always kept me trail arm close to body seems yous are trying keep it as far away as possible . Which is better for consistency .
Enjoying Ur lessons 👍

A J says:

Great video lesson!

StanLDN says:


I have just splintered my driver shaft trying the second part of this drill at the range. I’ve gone from trying to fix my slice to destroying my most expensive club. I’m absolutely gutted.

Ian Fryer says:

Wow – love this tip for the driver. Played a couple of rounds. Didnt hit every fairway but but a few more than normal

Gary Baldwin says:

Love the tips. This is exactly what I need.

Rounder says:

Could you guys come to Denver, CO and do this for me PLEASE lol, I am in the mid to low 80's with the same issues he has and I KNOW I can score better!!!!

Mattia Binnoto says:

Just saw on Instagram that Andy is moving to California. Wanted to wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors.

I hope I am not being to intrusive, but what will Andy’s move to the USA do to this channel?

SKBeachSurfDrinks says:

“Practice swing needs to be PURPOSEFUL” – an utterly under-rated but critical contributor to consistency. Especially for us social golfers who don’t get to hit anywhere near enough golf balls in practice. Great vid lads as usual. 👏

Mark Plewacki says:

Sooo…what if you hit everything left? I never slice (rarely). Any thoughts?

Parski says:

Thanks, guys,
I am definitely going to try this with the impact bag ☝🏻
But I have another question …

I am working the NV5 Invitational (Korn Ferry tour) outside Chicago as a Marshall, and one thing I’ve noticed with all of these incredible players is …
How STABLE their lower body is when they swing a golf club 😳

They look so effortless, whether they’re hitting an iron or a driver.

Me, I feel like a “top heavy tree” when I swing. Weight distribution is different with every swing.

How to they keep their lower body so stable, yet swing the club so FAST? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Steven Murata says:

I noticed that backswing technique with 2 blokes in the CA desert, years ago, lol. Take care.

Dave B says:

Going to need to groove that cos as soon as u took your eye off him, that swing went back to the original length.

Aaron Lall says:

I love these videos. But as soon as I go to the the range and try to implement this, I still slice the ball. I have tried so many things I cant figure out how to stop slicing.

TheeDziki says:

You make a better door than a window Ian!

Udolf Brandt says:

Hi – What do you mean by your „4 Exclusive Weekly Facebook Lives – worth $1,000“ offer? Will it be a 1:1 Video Session?

Peder Jensen says:

oh my – my back hurts by seeing those swings 🙂 – maybe it is just me

Peder Jensen says:

why not get video´s where players come to much from the inside and tend to draw/hook the ball to much. These over the top have been there 10000 times before

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