Driver Test – Ping G400 vs Callaway Epic vs TaylorMade M1 vs Titleist 917

► Watch our head-to-head test of the biggest drivers of 2017, as Golf Monthly Digital Editor Neil Tappin hits the Ping G400, Callaway Epic, TaylorMade M1 and Titleist 917 on a Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor

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29 thoughts on “Driver Test – Ping G400 vs Callaway Epic vs TaylorMade M1 vs Titleist 917

  1. Callaway Epic, better on distance, better on accuracy; what am I missing here other than adjustability which could be solved by going to the regular vs. sub-zero model?

  2. Great video!! I completely agree with the 917 D2. I played the D2 from October to February and hit the fairway 70 percent of the time during those months. Epic comes out and I was blown away with the distance. I made the switch. I gamed it up until last week when I look at my stats with It over the last 5 months. I was down to 39 percent of fairways. It goes a mile, but it is a smaller looking head and it just isn't as forgiving. That's just me though. Like you I went the most familiar

  3. I don't quite get the verdict to this. If i'm watching this correctly, the winner was basically the only one you were fitted for. Surely you should have been fitted for all these drivers to make it a fair test?

  4. Well said. The reason of why you suggested why someone might want to get the TM for its adjustability? that is why I bought the Mizuno JPX900 🙂

  5. We all have the lens we focus through and that will always give a bias, but what i always find interesting about these compares is the how. It seems that you had one driver that was fitted for you and the other three were not. To make this a 'fair' comparison wouldn't all three of them have to be custom fit for you to reveal the best numbers in each performance category possible? Otherwise, it's just a random shot at performance.

    Based on how I perceive this test to be conducted the Ping won the 'power' category with the most ball speed while it lacked in distance due to a less than optimal launch angle.

    Yes, I have a ping lens on … MOI rules for me.

  6. You mentioned that you like the fade bias in the 917 but not that the epic sz is built with a fade bias… also, you hit the sub zero 12 yards further on avg while hitting it less offline on avg in this test than the titleist (I do see where the dispersion seems tighter on the 917)… sounds to me like the fact that you grew up on titleist drivers is still swaying your opinion. That's ok though as it is exactly that… you have to play what you are comfortable with and have the most confidence gaming. Enjoy!

  7. G400 LST hands down the best driver I've ever hit. It is amazing. Im hitting 340 dead straight. I'm a taylormade fan. Got rid of my M1 and it doesn't even compare to this. Go try one out, you will not be disappointed I promise! Swing speed around 120 with a 10 degree turned up to 11

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