2001 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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Lakeshore Group says:

I loved skinny tiger wearing the extra large shirts. Like Clark Kent wearing glasses, hiding the fact he's Superman. We all know who you are man!

Fultonfalcons86 says:

Tiger's game peaked at the right time and he made history with the Tiger slam ……………………..

TechSys Engineer says:

Never gets old watching this.

Andrew Mboweni says:

i always enjoy this far away at tzaneen limpopo great to watch and interesting

Andrew Mboweni says:

we will always remember your remarkable works on golf sport suberb

Andrew Mboweni says:

we may never see something of this nature again great job Tiger woods

Andrew Mboweni says:

great accomplishments of the times legendary


Tiger needs 4 more tournament wins to beat the record for most ever, and 5 more major wins for the most ever. It's so excruciating watching him play now. I don't think he has it in him anymore to do it. It's a shame. He's so close.

Dan says:

Back when they did fly-by's with a helicopter

David Geraci says:

Anybody else notice how well mannered the crowd is here compared to now, not even really that long ago–oh how things have changed. Just one example, but a great one, of a milleniall's flaws! Boy oh boy humans have fallen off a cliff.

Imua Imua says:


Calibrit21 says:

How I wish Duval won a green jacket (but not in 2001, of course). He was such a beautiful player between '98 and '01.

O. G. says:

People love to downplay what Tiger competed against. Which is why I love stats…..for your review.

Els: 71
Mickelson: 49
Singh: 62
Love: 36
Couples: 62
Daly: 18
Duval: 20
S.Garcai: 33

Spieth: 14
D.Johnson: 18
Watson: 11
Mcilory: 23
Day: 16
J.Thomas: 9

Brett Sirum says:

I know the first song in the opening montage is from bagger Vance… does anybody know what the other song is from?

222333aaaaaa says:

Thank you, Masters, for posting all of these!!! Sports nerds like me greatly appreciate it!!

Da Hudge says:

2:37:45 Dick Enberg's Monents…

Stephanie Malley says:

I'd remember this game vividly back then, when he won the master, he put the cap on his face ,look like crying but relief from stress.woww amazing golfer!!????

Douglas Braunsdorf says:

Listen closely at 37:40 after play cuts to the leaderboard, underneath the music, I believe it may be Nantz saying to Oosterhuis "…shouldn't say "back nine…"

andrew9966 says:

1:22:08 – The greatest swing ever, and one of the best tee shots on 13 I've ever seen over the years.

tigerbait134 says:

One of the greatest accomplishments ever in all of sport. We may never see something like this ever again.

Alex Whalley says:

What actually happened to Duval? It’s like he’s a real life example of someone who met a genie and got granted his wish to be the best golfer ever but then he lost his genie suddenly ?

Calli Tōchtli says:

I was thinking of killing myself then, after coming upon this video after being recommended on a RedLetterMedia video, I've decided to die in the purest of boredom misery could show me.

Son Of Dad says:

Phil had so many golden opportunities to bag his first major, starting I suppose at the 1994 PGA Championship, right through this one here, but he just couldn't get it done … until 2004.

B B says:

One of the great accomplishments in sports history

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