2015 Disc Golf Memorial Championship final round, Front 9 (Lizotte, Koling, McBeth, Feldberg)

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The 2015 US National Tour kicks off right here! We bring you the final round action from Fountain Hills, Arizona where a full field of a whopping 303 players gathered to compete for the victory of the 2015 Memorial Championship in 5 open divisions. The MPO lead group consists features German Simon Lizotte in the lead with 3 hugely talented American players (Jeremy Koling, Paul McBeth & Dave Feldberg) trying to bridge the gap to the lead.

The SpinTV's own James Thomas is joined by 2009 Disc Golf World Champion and fresh father of a first born son, mr. Avery Jenkins on the commentary track.

This part 1/2 video features the first 9 holes of the 18-hole course at Fountain Hills. Part 2 coming soon.

CONTEST: Spot the SpinTV logo on the ground during one of the holes for a chance to win a mystery disc! More information here:

Produced by: James Thomas & Esa Arokki

Made possible by Innova Champion Discs

Copyright 2015 The SpinTV

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Christopher Hart says:

Top Notch commentary Jamie and Avery. You guys will be the voices of disc
golf broadcasting in 20 years.

Austin Wingfield says:

Paul kicked ass even though his bag was stolen

Alex Padilla says:

4:12 Yeah McMeth.

The hole preview music is awesome though.

1chshock says:

Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this :)

Chris Malatesta says:

Mcbeths putt of hole 4….damn

Joseph Arenas says:

What a great day for disc golf

Matt Nemmers says:

Best coverage and best disc golf commentary on the Interwebs. Keep it up,

nate fisher says:

Thanks for the amazing commentary and coverage <3 

Taylor Cross says:

Wow, Avery Jenkins! That was the best commentary I’ve heard on a DG video.
Felt super natural and fluid. You may have a career in this one day if the
sport gets big enough!

TakingBackGunch says:

I love this commentary! No one else puts out such high quality disc golf
videos. Keep up the good work and keep getting these awesome guest

iconone5 says:

Congrats on the son Avery. What his name? 

SimpleHumman says:

Avery and Jamie, great if not one of the best commentary available!!!

Graham Entwistle says:

Found myself applauding with the crowd after Paul’s putt on hole 4… what
a shot!

Peter mercil says:

Simon’s tee shot on 8 was insane. Wish it would have worked out for him.

Grant Webber says:

Hells yeah, go Koling. Also, thanks SpinTV for the great coverage.
Commentary was amazing as well. Go Disc Golf!!! I hope the year just
continues on like this, with amazing play and coverage.

Da Bunster says:

man thats amazing!

MantaMoto says:

19:04 “I don`t know if he wanted to risk it at that porn”

Jibbacraft Teamplays says:

11:50 “Don’t run it, don’t run it, don’t run it…” ::throws hands up inna

asam YT says:

I can’t wait to get back into playing

David Holm says:

U need to stop saying what kind of throw they are going to do befor they do
it, it ruins alot =(
otherwise its realy nicely done.

Robert Kaylor says:

Excellent coverage!

SimpleHumman says:

Jamie my fav, but with Avery too! Keep Avery coming back!!!!

Ryley Howell says:

When is the back nine video gonna be up

jjjjjj says:

I really enjoyed the commentary. Is there a way to maybe cut it back like
25 percent to allow us to enjoy the shots and the course a little more. 

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