Stop Swinging Across The Line – Golf Swing Fix

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Here is a video on how to stop swinging across the line at the top of the backswing. This is in response to an impassioned subscriber email, please comment in the box below to fuel me with golf tip video ideas.

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Mark Dean says:

Love this Pete, I have the same problem at the top of my swing.
What I have noticed though is if I shorten my backswing this seems to help.
However as you rightly said without video it’s hard to tell.
This might explain why I hit the ball well in bad weather, several layers
of clothing and swing within myself.

Kr0pD says:

Mark Crossfield is one of your student?!

Michael Rolton says:

A garden fence works too and causes less damage.

Mike Reiter says:

I wish I could find coaches like you and Rick here in Ohio….Great stuff

WHUFCarl says:

For me personally this is the best tip I’ve seen.
I have been working on this with my coach, i get across the line and then
drop it so far on the inside that a ‘power-draw’ can often become a
‘squirrel killer hook’!
Good luck on your 350 quest Pete, ur current swing speed is v similar to
mine and its made me wanna get on a launch monitor n try myself now!!

Drew Anker says:

Nice video Pete, I would love to see a video on any drills you use the keep
the arms in front on the downswing. I think I get a little trapped and have
to massively compensate with the hands. Thanks man, hope y’all make it back
to the States sometime soon… North Carolina has great courses like
Florida too!

Jason Little says:

Great drill. This is a big fault of mine. Its 7.30 in the morning and its
cold and wet outside but i want to find a wall in my garden haha. 

David Couch says:

This is my problem Pete. I love the simple fix and I’ll give it a whirl,

James Heaton says:

Extremely helpful Pete, thanks for that

Greg Murphy says:

Hi Peter
Excellent video any drills to help flatten out the wrists at the top of the
Cheers Greg 

John Martin says:

Great drill. Thanks pete

Fred Waterman says:

Pete may I ask for your email? I would like to have a chance to have you
help me in one of your videos!

Super1Matt1 says:

nice editing Pete

Stewart Muirhead says:

Peter, when playing competitively I struggle to NOT think about my putting
stroke coming down the last few holes and usually do not finish well. I
was curious if yourself or other pros you know concentrate on making a good
stroke or try to simplify things and just get the ball in the hole. i.e. do
you find it easier to make a push/pull stroke under pressure to essentially
eliminate one miss? similar to Jack’s theory of eliminating one side of the

Thanks and keep the vids coming

Scott Williams says:

Another great vid Pete, you are fast becoming best golf channel on
YouTube… Along with (rick) and the genuine excitement you got from
improving a subscribers game was really heartfelt.
Keep up the awesome work.

Mark Woods says:

Great drill Peter!

Thanks very much!

benellidown says:

Pete, you and Rick have a great way of presenting what can be very complex
ideas, but are able to keep it simple. For those of us who do work in
another full time profession other than golf, sometimes the obvious it not
so obvious to us. I rarely have anyone who can film me while I swing so
drills like this really help. Simple drills and checks are a good way to
build muscle memory. I appreciate the time you guys put into filming these
things and taking time to edit those for us. I know it takes more time
than it appears.
One question, I noticed your actual golf swing has more angle in the right
arm inside at the elbow than what you are showing in this vid. Any thought
there on how much angle we should be looking at and maybe some tips of how
to use something in drills on this or even if it is that important? I was
watching Rory on tour this weekend and his right arm at top of the
back-swing almost looks like a 45 degree angle and bottom of the arm
parallel to the ground.

Peter Finch Golf says:

Here is a video on how to stop swinging across the line at the top of the
backswing. This is in response to an impassioned subscriber email

J@D W says:

Before the modern era in golf, crossing the line at the top was
recommended. The teaching was that a full pivot resulted in the club
crossing the line. Clubface at 45* with right elbow down, Xing the line
helped bring club back to ball from inside, a much more important attribute
than club pointing parallel at the top….Makes sense to me in my quest to
gain 20 yards.

bigjosh36 says:

There’s another way this can happen as well and it’s one of my old swing
If in his back swing his spine angle changes where he puts his weight on
his left foot too early causing him to lean towards the target, you can
over rotate to the point where you get that problem of the club swinging
across the line, which caused me to hit bad bad hooks cause my body ended
up early extending to compensate for my back swing fault.
Just a thought too :)

Tom myers says:

Could you do a video on handicaps and how to update your handicap for
example I put 3 cards in a year ago and now I would like to renew my
handicap thanks Tom.

Jonathan Hassler says:

Great video Pete! I struggle with this as well and find that my left wrist
gets extremely cupped at the top of the back swing. Going to try this drill
and see if it helps me get into a better position. Cheers! 

Conor McCarthy says:

Where s the Monday night golf show Pete is it because Rick isn’t around?
Good stuff though!

Danny Patten says:

How to stop over swing 

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