2016 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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Minh Do says:

Happens to the best of us Jordan. I hit it into the water today too.

Finn Michiels says:

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azapro911 says:

The day Jordan Spieth's 'new owner of golf' tag fell away.

Ryan Robertson says:

Jordan Spieth is kind of a masters choker. This year, two years before and 2018 he hit into tree when a birdie would have forced playoff.

bob jones says:


Chris Marrion says:

Danny willett wins, thats a FLUKE!!!!! he hasnt placed 10th or better in a tournement since the pilgrims arrived in 1620

y0lefted says:

One of the hardest things to watch is someone collapsing like Spieth did. It made for a memorable masters but it was tough. Glad he was able to get over it and get back to winning ways though.

Trevor Schumacher says:

2:52:41 Roars from Louis' ace on 16

Rhett Kraljevic says:

Wait, if Jordan had won, would he have had to put the new one on himself or would Bubba do it again?

StFidjnr says:

3:01:20 the start of Jordan Spieth's downfall

Angry Vet says:

Luckiest, most bs masters ever

Chase Mykleby says:

How did Danny Willet shoot 67? He hasn’t come close to -5 since this round.

SNES drunk says:

3:23:10 Jordan Spieth at the 12th Tee. Oh no….

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