2018 Golf CLub Review – New Level Golf !

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New Level Golf is making an impression and we are reviewing the golf clubs from the new golf company NEW LEVEL golf.
Three models PLUS and bonus review at the end so keep watching.

Golf Reviews are powered by the Flightscope X3. We used the same shaft in all three models- KBS tour R flex the KBS Hi REV in the bonus review.

Music can be found at www.icon8.com

New Level golf web site https://www.newlevelgolf.com/

New Level club specs
club 1030 610 902
4 22 22 23
5 25 25 26
6 28 28 29
7 32 32 32
8 36 36 36
9 40 40 40
PW 44 44 45

M series wedge

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Bandit Baker says:

Question; where in the US is Mars from? For a Brit his accent sounded amazing, very twangy. I think I understood what he was saying but I put the subtitles on just to make sure LOL

rono8275 says:

What number iron is he hitting?

rono8275 says:

With his strong grip and the toe of the club off the ground, how does he keep from hooking the ball off the chart?

Henry Frankenberg says:

How can I order some 610's? Just heads.

Matt Revilock says:

Great content. Question:. Can offset be taken out of a club? Thanks for all your help. Shot a smooth 72 at Lake Buena Vista CC today.

John Harpole says:

Great review!

keith irvine says:

Lose the music…..

Randy Mahony says:

Really enjoyed this video and I liked the clubs but I didn't know weather too swing a club or dance, good music. Thanks guys.

Mike Eastridge says:

Those wedges look the muts nuts !!

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