2019 PGA Championship | Live Look- In

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Mecha says:

PGA.com, please upload 4K vids on YouTube. A resolution for 3440×1440 would be great too.

ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn says:

Kepoak will win
Frencasco Monirali second

Chan K C says:

Hope Tiger win

Martin Brady says:

Tiger 9 behind. Dig a hole for yourself, dude!! Koepka is a machine. Who will catch the machine?

Shri Pithqm says:

Why didn't Tiger play between majors? he needs to keep at the game' but he will make up ground go Tiger Big Cat

Joshua Alo says:

It’s a wrap. Koepka in the lead off the bat. Repeat PGA champion coming up.

Not so sure about Tiger not playing at all between majors.

Gordo W says:

BK is a beast!

Michael says:

Koepka complains about slow play- takes five minutes to go thick shit to thick shit and come up short.

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