10 thoughts on “Highlights from Shane Lowry's sensational Open win

  1. I just love the 'open' style of course. Perfectly prepared 'closed' courses look pretty on camera, but wind and rain are elements to be managed by all golfers. A better challenge IMHO.
    Well played, Mr Lowry. Have a Guinness for me! 🙂

  2. How about those fans chanting on 18 before his putt? Show some class. Best part is all the euros do is bitch in the comment section about American fans that "yell get in the hole". Classless

  3. I watched the highlights on bbc .. they were 2 hours in length. for me it was the most boring golf tournament I've ever seen on tv. basically it was like watching a pitch and putt competition. hardly any drives off the tee and those that we did see often ended up in the forest that they called 'rough'. it wasn't helped by a course that looked the same no matter what hole they were playing. that's why the open is my least favourite ( IN FACT I DISLIKE IT ) major. every open golf course looks like a stretch of scrubland that has been bombed by the Luftwaffe. give me Augusta or Wentworth any day.

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