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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Hey thanks so much for watching! If you liked the video drop it a thumbs up! Also if you are new feel free to subscribe (It's free to do)

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Kurt Caminske says:

Best explanation I’ve ever heard. Thank you!!

Dale Yakin says:

very common to see coaches talk about spraying powder on the club face to see your contact point, but no drills are recommended to improve consistency. Is there any way to become more accurate with where clubface strikes ball?

Gilles Vandette says:

They are all great and understable

Kevin Fuller says:

Rick are you keeping your lower body pretty much quiet ?

Dogger1230 says:

I'm a newbie at golf. I must say, your videos are fantastic!!!

Joseph Contegiacomo says:

Great video. I am 78 years old and started playing golf last year. I was hitting ball all over the course. I used your tip using foot powder and keeping my shoulder behind the ball. I am striking the ball much better. Distance and. Accuracy improved immensely. Thank you

Tank Edwards says:

@Rick Shiels Golf:
Question regarding your suggestion of using athlete’s foot spray.
I just bought the new TaylorMade Stealth driver with the carbon fiber insert. Will foot spray damage it?

Michio25 says:

love the videos man!! Im learning so much. — I have a off topic question: what region is your English accent from? thank you

Adam DeMelo says:

Great videos. The only thing that would make them next level is if you got your hands on a high FPS camera. It would be very interesting/helpful to see your full speed swings in slow mo.

LV 010 says:

Very helpful Rick. As a beginner I havre been struggling with an outward slice. This series has been tremendously helpful to address this. Keep up the great videos!

10o1vTrip says:

😭you’re amazing!!! I’m smackin the heck out of it ❤️❤️

Chris Sofaly says:

Holy crap you've literally added 50 yards to my drive!

Kevin Fuller says:

Rick I have a Titleist TSI driver and I have it adjusted for a draw, but the course that I have been playing requires me to shape the ball. Should my driver be set a more neutral setting if I need to shape the ball with a adjustable driver?

Stephen Blood says:

Can I have been struggling with my driver over the last few weeks until I watch this video this just made sense I then took the info onto the course and I shot 3 under my handicap
This changed my setup routine and I can say I surprised myself how well I drove the ball thanks so much

Joseph Rodan says:

All are so important to understanding how the game is played and how we cam improve our drive

Andrew Harris says:

This is great stuff

Sgt. B. Barnes says:

i still keep driving left and right….is it my grip ???

Mr. Ditkovich says:

My problem was only rotating my hips in the downswing and not my upper body

DJ M says:

Quality driver guide. I’ve watched about 20 vids in the last week and this is the best

Eddie Gibson says:

These Videos are the best on youtube! simple but so effective! just had one of the best rounds following these instructions!

Andy An says:

I have a quick question. when we do the downswing. what direction should our arm move? just go down straightly? and should we control our arm go down? or just move our hip and let arms go. many thanks!

123456789bhj says:

pls.explain hitting up and what the path should be,. and why.;=

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