2022 Golf Drivers Comparison Live | TaylorMade Stealth vs Callaway Rogue ST vs Cobra LTDx

This live golf drivers comparison features three of the most popular drivers in 2022, including TaylorMade Stealth, Callaway Rogue ST, and Cobra LTDx. Each of these driver series deliver enhanced speed, distance, and forgiveness through their own unique technologies.

During this live broadcast, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell and content specialist Drew Mahowald use Trackman technology to test the TaylorMade Stealth Plus, Callaway Rogue ST Max LS, and Cobra LTDxLS drivers in a head-to-head comparison.



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27 thoughts on “2022 Golf Drivers Comparison Live | TaylorMade Stealth vs Callaway Rogue ST vs Cobra LTDx

  1. All 3 excellent drivers! The Cobra LTDx matched me perfectly – can't wait to use 1st time on course in a week!!! ⛳ ?‍♂ ⛳ ?‍♂

  2. Do head to head with fitted shafts in each driver heads. I put Hzrdus Rdx Blue 6.5 in both Stealth and LTDx Ls, didn't work with the Cobra but the Stealth worked really well.

  3. Comprehensive but silly, this is how you demo for the simulator not the golf course. Thomas is legit but rest of company is just flipping clubs to donkeys

  4. Thomas and Drew are the best Club reviewers on Youtube . hardly any of us have the swing that Thomas does but his consistency in his swing gives us a great comparison between all the clubs .

  5. whoever asked if the speedzone was still relevant? absolutely!! i started with cobra with the speedzone extreme and now i have the RAD speed and i smash balls further than my buddies who are hitting SIM2 MAX drivers and the callaway MAVRIK and my RAD speed is sooo much more forgiving even when i hit a bad shot or swing out of my socks it hardly fades into real danger. I need to get fitted.

  6. Put Poly Max Extremes on any cheap golf driver and BOOOM!! your driving longer and they are used by pros during practice. Get them on amazon & ebay it's cheaper than buying a new driver.

  7. Love watching you guys. Something I think a lot of us would love to see. I would love to see the numbers for each driver optimized for your swing. Maybe its a different shaft for each head? I want to see what each driver can do when its fitted and then compare the numbers. Everyone tests the stock shafts but no one tests the drivers if fitted for optimal performance. This would be a great test!

  8. Using the same shaft in every driver doesn't really make any sense because it's going to fit some heads better than others. All the head weights are different, so it's going to completely change the dynamics from head to head.

  9. You guys got the wrong flex in the AutoFlex. As long as you don’t break it the data looks fine but AutoFlex company warns not to swing faster than the recommended speeds due to the thin walls in shaft. The SF505X speed range is 100-110mph, lucky you guys didn’t break it and should be using the SF505XX 110-120mph swing speed especially with your quick transition Thomas. When I tested it you can clearly feel the step transitions in the mid part of the shaft almost reminds me of the DG spinner shaft. The shaft design is interesting and since you guys tested the 505X at 220cpm with a finish build length of 46’” would put it in a senior flex category but a stiff enough tip for the stability for the designed speed range. I got the same max driver speed with the AutoFlex as my tour ad vr and are both the same length shaft but higher ballspeed with the tour ad due to better strike pattern. It was easier to maintain top speed with the AutoFlex as fatigue set in due to weight so my next experiment experiment is to go down 2-3 flexes try to find the stiffest tip regular flex shaft and tip it 2” which make it a stiff flex but it would still be a softer flex than what I’m fitted into and see if I can gain ease of speed like the auto flex but retain better strike control of my tour ad. Just curious if anyone has experimented with this yet.

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