Golf Drivers 2022 Bracket Prelims | Top 8 Drivers Move On

What's the best driver of 2022? Taylormade? Titleist? Callaway? Cobra? Ping? Mizuno? Honma? Srixon? Each golf club manufacture has so many heads, I did prelims to see what driver moves on to the top 8. Keep in mind, I have a high swing speed and these results are specific to my swing. Your results may differ. Follow along as I release head to head driver match ups and reveal who takes on who to find out What's The Best Driver of 2022. All that, and more………

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Hi I’m Brandon Cubitt or @NEWNINEGOLF on Instagram, welcome to my channel New Nine Golf. I'm a scratch golfer and I'm obsessed with all things golf! I'll give you unbiased reviews from a consumer perspective and ill bring on golf pro's for lesson series to help make you a better golfer. My golf course vlogs will give you an inside look at the courses I'm playing and you can see where my game is at. New Nine Golf is a culture of not giving up, learning from mistakes and moving forward to be a better version of yourself everyday.

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18 thoughts on “Golf Drivers 2022 Bracket Prelims | Top 8 Drivers Move On

  1. Love this bracket, similar to TXG with reducing overall distance by subtracting offline shots. Looking forward to the individual head to heads. My driver swing speed is in the mid to high 90’s so the majority of the LS versions wouldn’t work for me. Nonetheless, nice to watch this unfold. Loving the Mizuno ST-Z Out of all of them.

  2. Don't believe the yardages are correct … same trackman I hit 114mph club speed better smash factor 167 ball speed only carried 288 with 2300 spin similar launch these machines are pure gimmick

  3. Love the channel! I always appreciate someone that shows good… and bad shots while doing h2h comparisons. Call me crazy, but you swing that stealth+ like it owes you money! Keep up the good work, and thanks for the honest content

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