2023 Hybrid Golf Club Comparison – which is the best fit

We compare the Callaway Paradym, Mizuno STX , Wilson Dynapwr and Srixon ZX mkII hybrids while talking about the specifications, technology and components used in in each hybrids. See the differences in each hybrid and how they can work for you and which ones worked for me.

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19 thoughts on “2023 Hybrid Golf Club Comparison – which is the best fit

  1. Just hit my new Mizuno STX 220 in the 5 and was amazingly impressed. So much I have the 6 arriving tomorrow. I’m putting those 2 irons on the shelf. My JPX Forged 900’s just don’t compete. Irons don’t go near as high and the dispersion with the hybrid is a lot better. Now I just need to upgrade my 7, 8 and 9.

  2. Another great video Jim. After hitting my sons 4H cobra Speedzone last year I bought one new from Dicks on clearance. Love the rails on the sole, for me it’s a no brainer. They get through the rough with ease. Liked it so much I picked up a used 3H on eBay. Have a nice 10 yard gap between each. 182 yards w 4H and 192 with 3H. Love the solid feel. I think Cobra went in the wrong direction by losing the rails.

  3. Hi Jim, interested in which hybrid you would have picked for your bag based upon gapping? Where does land angle fit into the decision?

  4. That’s why I don’t carry a 3 wood, I went Driver,5 wood lofted down to 17.5 and 3 Hybrid set to19o

    Then small gap to my 5 iron, since my 5 iron is strong lofted there is no big gap.

    I did add an extra wedge because of the strong Wilson Dynapower irons.

  5. Jim- always love the review videos as you provide more insight than most reviewers. Idea on hybrids is often they are too draw bias. I built a rescue 3hyb and toe weighted for my son and he loves it. He swings 105mph driver and Carrie’s this clue 220 yrs. I adjusted for swing weight in the build at a d3 as that seems to be a good middle of road. Was this the right approach? Would love to see you take your perderé hybrid from this review and discuss preferred methods to reduce the draw bias factor and make those trends yield more to the center of the target line

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