Who are the Top-5 all-time best NASCAR drivers?

When you think of the greatest NASCAR drivers of all time, who comes to mind? Perhaps Richard Petty? Maybe David Pearson? What about Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Bobby Allison or Jimmie Johnson?

David Starr, Dominic Aragon, Tyler Jones and Caitlin Patrick share their thoughts. Who are the best 5? Tell us below who is in your top-5!

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Photos courtesy of: NASCAR Media, Marcus Leno, Erick Messer, Frank Romero, Dominic Aragon, The Racing Experts

7 thoughts on “Who are the Top-5 all-time best NASCAR drivers?

  1. I would like to clarify that for a 6th pick in my 3rd top 5's,I would also put David Starr,because with the right team,equipment and money,David could very well have been up there.I honestly think every man,or woman who has raced in NASCAR,ARE REALLY GOOD,JUST SOME ARE BETTER.There is only one driver who I can't give any acknowlegement to,and I liked his driving style and I thought he was going somewhere.He did,PRISON,and sad to say David he was a fellow Texan,that being Rick Crawford,I reserve judgement on Brian Vickers,whose wife was 3rd in charge of Jeffery Epstiens operation.If he stands by her than he is worse than Rick Crawford,and that's saying alot.Sorry to bring this up but it to must be remembered,so it hopefully doesn't happen again.

  2. My 3rd and final top 5 racers are going to be those who would have been,but for lack of equal equipment=Dave Marcis,J.D. McDuffie,Robert Pressley,Tiger Tom Pistone,and without a doubt,Wendell Scott

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