2024 World Handicap System™ Revision: 9-Hole Scores

Find out how and why the treatment of 9-hole scores for handicap purposes is changing under the 2024 update to the WHS™.

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8 thoughts on “2024 World Handicap System™ Revision: 9-Hole Scores

  1. I used to be able to explain how the handicap was calculated and even kept a separate spreadsheet because I understood all the criteria required. Now, unless one has access to all the posted rounds for the day (which we don't get as regular golfers) and have access to all these behind the scenes calculations (which again we don't) there is no reasonable way to understand, recalculate and explain. We went from objective truth to blind faith. Yet another swing and a miss for the USGA.

  2. LOOK I LIVE IN THE UK STOP PRATTING ABOUT , YOU BOTH SAY ( HANDICAPS ARE NOT GOING TO BE IN INCREMENTS ANYMORE ) So what does this mean if i have a GOOD/BAD round , A shot one or other way , OR WHAT ??? someone explain . Yellow TEE box 113 slope my handicap 16.0 does this also mean i am now 14 therefore not a Rabbit or 18 . ALL THESE WORDS BUT THE AMATEUR GOLFER IS NON THE WISER. AND THE NEW BALL WHO POLICES THIS ? OUR CLUB CAN NOT NOT ENOUGH STAFF. can not afford them. I am a AMATEUR so how are you going to make sure i play this new ball, psi is not going to, then you have non members who may lose a ball or 2 so if we lose one find one how are you going to stop us playing that. And what happens to surplus balls , my playing pal has 300 plus . Which company are you going to go with .

  3. The new international rules are the same the old with tee differentials built in; entire math does not solve the age problem and distance conundrum.

  4. So the 9 hole differential is 6.6 and the Handicap Index for the player is 12.1 where does 14.1 come from? It's not the HI/2 + the 9 hole differential. That would be 6.6 + 6.1 or 12.7? I haven't seen the complete formula anywhere.

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