Coming in the new year we are set to see 4 significant to the world handicap system that will affect you! I have to say that the current system hasn't gone down a storm to say the least. I feel alot of golfers don't like the new system!

Over the last 3 years the heads of the golf governing bodies at the R&A and the USGA have be collecting data and opinions form golfers leading to the HUGE changes coming in 2024
lets discuss exactly how its going to affect you and what are the exact BIG CHANGES TO THE WORLD HANDICAP SYSTEM THAT IMPACTS YOU

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  1. I'm looking forward to these changes. In my case I learned Golf later in life about almost 2 years ago, and because of work and family, and confidence, throughout that time I've only ever played a 9 hole par 3 executive course. Recently I've got more confidence to go on the 18 hole but I've only ever had the time to do the front or back 9 on any given day. So now almost 2 years into my golf journey I still do not have an official course handicap. – Given my particular path in Golf I think this would have been an amazing system to have in place to help give me confidence early and encourage me to participate more in tournaments or get on the 18 more often.

    The only rule I debate is rule 4, but lets see how that plays out.

  2. The governing bodies have botched this up . Well take macilroy 400 yds drives so this ball will remove hazards from his range So what's next more expense putting in more hazards in shorter distances and clubs passing expense on to the members in membership and price of entry into comps that was £2.50 now is £4 and medals which are off back tees £5 and £ of food beer in clubhouse rises . Well membership could dwindle especially of the older player .

  3. Paul here,
    They say its not going to be in increments from April 2024. SO HOW IS IT GOING TO WORK. I am 16.0 now if I play poorly does this mean I am 17.0 if I play really well is 15.0 . This is not explained.
    Yes I hate the WHS , how can I be 16.0 but if it rises to 16.3 I am 17 . and two mates one is 22.3 and other 22 4 now 22.3 gets 23 strokes the 22.4 he gets 24 shots . if they kept settings as at first 0.5 you went up . why if they changed it did they not do 0.1 to 0.9 is 0.0 . 1.0 to 1.9 is one shot ok if you won comp you come down or vise versa. Mostly though for me off 16.0 in pairs I was lowest player therfore SCRATCH. And this new ball how will they police this in amature comps , well I have over 300 balls what are they going to if I play one of them , they cost money . Or what is very much likely for go comps play with the ball I have now and enjoy it more. and handicap we will use our own system .

  4. Not a fan of the current system. I went from an 8.3 to 11.3 in just a few rounds. I have never liked the par tees system. Each player should have their handicap evaluated from the tees they play without punishment.

  5. I co few so have always found your videos to be overly dramatic. It FFS declaring you round has Always been the case even before WHS ????????‍♂️ EC
    Zoe tex score? Yes it does reflect loads including the course and the co dictions – try reading the rules!!!! BYE it never moves the standard scratch it was the competition scratch the current system do this but not well enough now getting better. Rule change 4 – annual review was always there always has been FFs NO you are just a bit of a drama queen

  6. Why didn’t you cover your handicap adjustment to the par of the course plus or minus the course rating?
    WHS only works if all put a card in every time they play. Players don’t therefore it doesn’t work. Standard scratch calculation. Yes I agree.

  7. How to make something simple really complicated. So you need a phone for the latest app. There's no WIFI on most golf courses or mobile phone coverage on some. It's just an excuse for R&A etc to expose you to adverts for things you don't want to buy.

  8. Is the differential when playing a short par 3 course going to reflect that? What I mean is if you were to play 9 holes of par 5’s your score is going to be closer to nett par than if you play a 9 hole course of par 3’s as there is room for error on par 5’s but not par 3’s. My front nine handicap is 1 I’m unlikely to play 1 over on par 3’s but likely to be under par if it were par 5’s ????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️

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