One driver DESTROYED the others (Best Drivers of 2024 Face Off) | Build My Bag

In this video I take the best drivers of 2024 and put them head to head, I WAS SHOCKED by the result. One of these drivers destroyed the others and will be named the best in the world 2024! The Build My Bag series sees the best equipment in the world facing off to win a spot in my bag.

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27 thoughts on “One driver DESTROYED the others (Best Drivers of 2024 Face Off) | Build My Bag

  1. My stock speed is about 127 chs on Trackman and 130+ on GC. Anything to consider at those speeds? Have been thinking about just getting a Qi10 LS head and put my Hzrdus smoke Green in it. Trying to keep the spin low ????

  2. As you say the looks are so subjective. You say it’s the best looking, for me when I saw it at my club last week I thought it looked really cheap.

  3. Even as someone who, as a huge motorsports fan, loves the aero on race cars, including the fins (vortex generators) on top to reduce drag, seeing them on a driver is just jarring and ugly AF.

    I couldn't buy the Ping simply on the looks alone. I'd give up 1-2 fairways per round if it meant I don't have to look at it ????

  4. I just got fit for a driver and the exact same thing happened. Went in for forgiveness, thought I would end up with the Taylormade, came out with the Ping

  5. BOOO…BOOO to you Peter! I was content placing my order with the Qi10 till this vid! Meow, I have to go try the 10k w the hideous turbulatirs and most likely get one…Cause of you ???? I mean best of wishes on the quest for The Open, but I meow judge ye…????

  6. From my experience as a novice high handicap golfer Ping gives me the best chance of not hitting wayward shots. I don't think I'll be trading my tweaked G425 Max in for quite some time.

  7. Been planning on keeping my Rogue LS ???? ???? ???? in the bag with a shaft change. However, all the phenomenal new drivers have been trying to burn a hole in wallet! ???? Will see how it plays out but honestly think if I went with forgiveness I would add Qi10 Max before ping just because I have been waiting for TM to settle out issues carbon face quality. Thanks for great video. Also, have you tried Crank drivers at all?

  8. Just putting a content idea out for you after watching other reviews aswell as this one. I would love to see the likes peter finch, rick, matt etc and a average golfer I.e myself lol. Test these clubs all at the same time to generate a AVERAGE winner using the same points system etc. I know you all do them as individuals eventually but one video covering everyone and the different driver categories I think would make for awesome content.
    Could all use your preferred shafts too.

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