26° Hybrids are the future of EASY GOLF!

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In todays video I look at 3 of the most forgiving golf clubs and possibly the easiest to hot golf clubs I have tested so far. They are the Callaway Paradym Hybrid, Ping G430 Hybrid and the PXG GEN06 Hybrid.

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22 thoughts on “26° Hybrids are the future of EASY GOLF!

  1. I recently went to a 30* 6 hybrid. I hated to take the 6 iron out of my bag but there's no getting away from the towering ball flight and steep landing angle it offers. That, and it's incredibly easy to hit as well.

  2. I have changed my whole set based on some of the clubs you hit. I now hit driver,3,5,7,9 wood and 7 hybrid. All adjustable except 7 hybrid.
    Driver-6* 300-330
    3 wd-11.5* 280-300
    5 wd-18.5* 250-265
    7 wd-22.5 230-240
    9 wd-27* 215-225
    7 hy-31* 195-205
    Then 7-lw.
    And i have a fast swing speed. But these are so much easier to hit that the equivalent iron. I wish more companies made proper high lofted fairway woods.
    My 9 wd and 7hy are womens heads and just changed the shafts out.

  3. I switched from the Taylor made M2 hybrids to the Cleveland launcher and on my 6 hybrid I picked up a solid 10-15 yards. I ended up sticking a 6 iron back in the bag to fill the distance gap.
    I am a 73 year old golfer who plays almost every day. I am a 9 handicap.

  4. This is tremendously useful for me at this juncture. I have been playing traditional forged blades for years but just turned 82 on June 17 and am realizing I have to deal with loss of distance. My 34 degree 7 iron was my 150 yard carry club 20+ years ago. Then 140 yds carry10 years ago. Now average carry is 132 with a few up to 135 and perhaps a rare 1 out of 25 at 138. In the past year I added a 21 degree 7 wood regular flex to replace 3 and 4 irons that I will use for 165-175 yards to the pin. A month ago I added a Callaway Paradym 24 degree 9 wood with the ideal it would replace my 5 iron for 155-160 yards to the pin. But just today I started to look into possibly getting a hybrid. There are two possibilities. One is to get a 24 degree hybrid like the Paradym instead of the 9 wood (I can still exchange the club and the hybrid is less expensive). I hit a few shots indoors against the screen today and it seemed that the hybrid got the same distance as the 9 wood and shorter shaft might be easier to hit. The second option would be to keep the 9 wood but add a higher lofted hybrid like a 27 perhaps adjusted to 28 to replace my 6 iron as well and fill the 140-150 yard gap. That might still leave a bit of an unfilled gap with my 7 iron, but perhaps I could handle that by changing to a stronger lofted head.

  5. I’ve been using a 4 and 5 hybrid for two years they are just so easy to hit. I added a 6 hybrid to my bag this week. Anything to make golf easygoing!

  6. I bought a 3 and 5 rogue rescue last year and struggled with accuracy at first. Now I find myself using the 3 instead of my 5wood at times and the 5 instead of my 6 iron.

  7. Sorry if this has been said already, as I didn't have the time to read all the comments: If you haven't already, try the cobra one lenght hybrids! It has a 7 iron shaft lenght, and that should provide even more forgiveness!

  8. Paradym (standard) hybrids are the best I’ve ever had for dispersion, straightness, shaping & distance. Used to have Apex 21, Ping g425/410/400, Steelhead XRs …. Love the sound, look & feel. Loft down the 3 & 4 hybrids & they are rocket machines even with a slow swing ????

  9. I have two Cobra F6 hybrids. One adjusted to 21.5° and the other to 24.5° I've had them both for years, but just recently put the 24.5° in the bag.

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