In this video, Neil Tappin is joined by Golf Monthly's Sam De'Ath to take a look over the best hybrids of 2023. They break their discussion into five key areas: looks, feel, forgiveness, distance, and the crucial verdict. With there being so many offerings on the market in 2023, hopefully this video will help you narrow down your search!

00:00 – 00:27 Intro
00:28 – 03:56 Looks
03:57 – 07:08 Feel
07:09 – 09:32 Forgiveness
09:33 – 11:20 Distance
11:21 – 13:05 Verdict

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12 thoughts on “BEST HYBRIDS 2023!

  1. For a senior golfer. Replacing 4 and 5 iron. I was thinking of cleveland vs PXG. The Cleveland cheaper. What are your recommendations

    Or the cobra ltdx? Very good price

  2. A lot of different video reviews have said the same thing. Cobra king tec seems to be the overwhelming choice for best hybrid on the market. Best thing about it? Can be had for half of msrp. Cobra should market the hell out of this club, dominates most test and golfers who try it love it.

  3. Been using the m4 by Taylormade, only club I can get a fade on, play a hole on my local course where I need to go 100 yards straight and then 100 right and I love it. My 3 hybrid go straight like an arrow it's to flat. But that m4 is truly something special . I wanna get a new 3 , thinking the cobra tbh

  4. Not testing the normal cobra Aerojet is a miss. Cobra hybrids have been the best hybrids for a while now. Wouldn’t be surprised if it took #2 here too.

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