12 thoughts on “THIS is how to know how far you hit your clubs

  1. To be fair, for medium handicappers and above, there’s likely a 20-30 yard range for each club depending on how well you hit it. I know my averages from toptracer but they are only a guide for me

  2. In my opinion, knowing your true carry distance with each club (with a good strike and even on a mishit) is possibly the most important and overlooked aspect of golf with us amateur golfers. I also completely ripped off your "wedge chart" idea, Pete! I know my carry with all 4 wedges (PW, 50°, 56°, and 60°) with full, half, and three-quarter power. That alone changed my approach game completely! I haven't hit a full wedge shot since except with pitching wedge. Much more accurate and controlling the spin makes such a massive difference!

  3. This is of course good advice. If you don't have access to one though, you can at least still get lots of improvement by just laying balls out in 5 yard increments so you can better gauge your carry distance the old fashioned way that I learned years ago. And you can take the advice that I did long ago from Annika Sorenstam and learn to practice hitting to every target with 3 clubs.

    I do this from 100 yards in today. I used to do it from 150, but the range out back of my place is limited in space and I seldom go to one of he city ranges because this one is free to me. So I'm pretty deadly inside 100. For the rest, well, I do get to play free on our little executive course every day the weather and time allows so I'm in better form than ever after living here 2+ years.

  4. I've only recently done this and it's made such a difference! Did mine with 100 balls at a toptracer range, working through each club. Averages on the app afterwards, printed out a copy and attached it to my trolley. Use it with a free golf gps app on my phone when playing, sorted!

  5. You don’t need a gaping session with a pro, just a Toptracer range. I keep my distances on the ‘notes’ section in my phone and update it as my game improves.

  6. The best thing I've learned from using Arccos for the past three years, was knowing my true distances. It has helped a bunch when making club selection out on course.

  7. i keep a sheet with my distances in a small ziplock bag that i keep in my back pocket when i play. it also has a clock with my 56 wedge distances on the other side. it makes a huge difference!! greets from canada

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